• Why Use Blister Packs?

    Why Use Blister Packs?


    What is a Blister Pack?

    BLISTER PACK is used as a tool to manage your medication. It is a seven-day blister pack individually labeled with your name including the date it was packed and checked by the pharmacist. Each individual cell or blister is labeled with the medication that you’re taking. The strength and amount of tablets are properly indicated on the label as well. So usually, when you get your medications prepared in a blister pack we will organise your prescriptions with your doctor.

    The very first thing we do is to get your doctor’s consent before we manage everything for you. You will still need to go to the doctor to get your regular health checkups and consultation, but the whole prescription arrangement process is handled by us.

    For many of our other patients here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, who are taking complex dosing regimes, we like to pack in a weekly format. Packing medicines weekly will allow us to make adjustments easily whenever there are changes and it will encourage interaction with our patients on a weekly basis to see how they’re going with their medications.

    Aside from Blister Pack Service, we also have DAA -Dose Administration Aids and MedChecks Services that we offer to give you full medication management assistance that you truly need.

    Do you want your medications prepared in blister packs?

    So, if you think this product might be right for you; if you think you might need some help in managing your medication or if you just want a nice simple solution or want to outsource it to our pharmacy, please leave a comment below or come in and see one of our pharmacists and we can show you how using a blister pack can help you manage your medication compliance.

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