• Why Do Script Takes 10 Minutes to dispense?

    Dispensing a medicine is more than just sticking labels

    Script to dispenseIn dispensing a medicine, a pharmacist thoroughly takes the step process with accuracy and extra care. The health of the patient is at stake and therefore any mistakes must not occur.

    Before dispensing the medicine, the pharmacist takes a closer look at why the medicine has been prescribed and how it will be beneficial for the patient. Dosage, safety, and the possible side effects and interactions with other medicines are all thoughtfully considered.

    This is more than just sticking a medicine label with all that information for the patient. The highlight here is the counseling being given to every patient. No one will leave the pharmacy without understanding how and when to use the medicines, and what side reactions or effects the drug should have.


    Why Do Script Takes 10 Minutes 


    The Process We Do

    Speaking of dispensing a medicine, here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, we strictly follow guidelines and procedures to make sure that we have dispensed your medication as prescribed by your doctor. Below is the process we do.


    1. We carefully check prescription details and ensure that the prescription is legally valid. Once we accept the script, we put it in the queue to be dispensed.

    2.  Next step is the dispensing process. First, we look up your details on the computer on our dispensing software. If your details are not found, we will need to encode your Medicare, address as well as the concession details into the computer.

    3. Then we physically dispense or write into the computer system the medication that you’re taking and ensure that it corresponds to what your doctor has written. Pharmacists are the last line of checking to make sure that the medication that you’ve been prescribed does not interfere with many other prescribed medication or any over-the-counter medication that you’re taking.

    4. Once the medications are dispensed, the label pops out from our little label printer. The next step is for us to go and get the physical medication off the shelf. We carefully check the medication we have selected against your prescription and by using a barcode scanner, we double check it if we have picked the right medication for you. Then we scan again the physical label to ensure that it matches accordingly. In this step, 2 to 3 checking process are conducted.

    As soon as we stick the label on the bottles or packets, we set it aside and then recheck it to ensure that you have the right medication according to doctor’s prescription. Sometimes, there may be variations. In which case, we may need to contact the doctor. For complex medications and complex dosing regimes, we may be required to check this against a dose before we call the doctor. This situation does take a little bit of time.

    5. The final part of the dispensing process is having an actual talk with the patient. This consultation usually takes 2 minutes. But for extended consultation, it can up to 10-15minutes.

    In a nutshell, dispensing your script is more than just sticking labels. Counselling follows after to make sure that you are given the right advice on how and when to use your medicine. Further discussion is centered on the effects of a drug may have in your system and the important ways to properly store your medicine. This is the assurance that you will never leave the pharmacy without understanding your medicines.


    Photo Credit: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia


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