• Where to Get Whooping Cough Vaccine in Melbourne?

    Where to Get Whooping Cough Vaccine in Melbourne?

    Where to Get Whooping Cough Vaccine in Melbourne?

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    The good news is, affordable yet effective whooping cough vaccine in Melbourne is available in different branches of Priceline Pharmacy.

    Whooping cough, or pertussis, has affected thousands of individuals, children and adults alike. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, in the years 2005 to 2007, around 16,300 individuals were affected by pertussis. Because of this huge number, where to get whooping cough vaccine in Melbourne is a question many concerned individuals have been asking.

    An analysis done by the Department of Health shows that preventable diseases went down almost 5,000 cases to 25,367 in 2016. This decrease, particularly the cases on whooping cough, was attributed by health authorities to the introduction of vaccines.


    What is whooping cough?

    Whooping cough is a contagious respiratory illness caused by Bordetella pertussis. This bacteria is spread out when infected individuals cough or sneeze, releasing particles of the infection into the air. The infection can also be transmitted through direct contact with secretions from the mouth or nose of infected individuals.The whoop, which may not always be obvious, is brought about by the deep and effortful breathing at the end of a violent coughing.

    Usually, whooping cough starts off as a typical cold with some sneezing and runny nose. It develops over several days into a more frequent violent coughing. These coughing bouts may end with a whooping sound, as air is inhaled back into the chest. Sometimes, severe violent coughing can lead to gagging or vomiting. For children, coughing attacks can obscure their breathing and may cause them to become bluish.


    How do you prevent whooping cough?

    Whooping cough can be prevented by getting vaccinated against pertussis. For several years, pertussis vaccine immunization programs across countries have been documented to successfully prevent infants and young children from developing whooping cough. In 2008, the World Health Organization reported around 687,000 passing from pertussis that were prevented.

    Whooping cough vaccine is usually given in combination with vaccines that contain protection and against serious diseases. The type of combined vaccine depends on the individual’s age group. Some common whooping cough vaccines include the DTaP administered to infants and young children, and the Tdap given to teens and adults. The “p” stands for pertussis.


    Where to get whooping cough vaccine in Melbourne?

    Adults across Victoria, Australia can receive free whooping cough vaccine, as long as they are eligible. This includes pregnant women and their partners, and parents and guardians (include but not limited to: fathers, same-sex partners, foster parents, adoptive parents, surrogate parents, co-parents, and any other legal guardians). However, not everyone is assured eligible to receive the government-funded vaccination program. Siblings and other adults may not receive free vaccination from the Australian government.

    The questions where to get whooping cough vaccine Melbourne is no longer a difficult one to answer. There are now many pharmacist-administered vaccination services in Melbourne. But, with these many options, it is important to make sure that the whooping cough vaccine pharmacy is legitimate and safe.

    Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, the #1 pharmacy in West Brunswick, has Whooping Cough Vaccine available in store. You will no longer have to present a prescription to purchase a whooping cough vaccine. For inquiries, your friendly Priceline pharmacists are always ready to assist you


    Where are whooping cough vaccine locations we can go to?


    Priceline Pharmacy Melbourne


    Community pharmacies across Melbourne, Australia are now able to provide vaccination. This makes it more accessible and easier for individuals, families, and communities to protect themselves against several diseases. Particularly, the whooping cough vaccine is available in many pharmacies around Melbourne. Different branches of Priceline Pharmacy has a whooping cough vaccine available.

    Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, the #1 pharmacy in West Brunswick, does not require a prescription to purchase the whooping cough vaccine. In addition, because Priceline Pharmacy is one of the top pharmacies across Melbourne and in Australia, whooping cough vaccines are guaranteed to be legitimate and safe.

    How many doses or shots of the whooping cough vaccine should I get?

    For maximum protection against whooping cough, it is crucial that the whooping cough vaccine doses or shots are administered at the recommended time frames. For infants and young children, physicians recommend the whooping cough vaccine to be given during the following ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15-18 months, and 4-6 years. A booster dose is also suggested to during 7 years of age.

    Pregnant motherFor pregnant women, it is recommended to get a whooping cough vaccine in the third trimester, around 28 to 32 weeks, of every pregnancy. Women who were not vaccinated during pregnancy are recommended to get the vaccine as soon as possible after giving birth, to reduce the risk of catching whooping cough and passing it on to their child.

    Other adults who work closely and are often around infants and young children, are likewise highly recommended to get the whooping cough vaccine for adults, the Tdap. It is suggested that adults get a booster shot around event 10 years, as effectivity of the whooping cough vaccine does not guarantee lifetime protections.

    What are you waiting for? Get protected against pertussis and go to the nearest locations of whooping cough vaccine in Melbourne!

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