• Why taking Vitamin C is essential

    Why taking Vitamin C is essential

    Vitamin C

    This vitamin is essential for our cells to function optimally and is a potent antioxidant.

    Ascorbic acid, as it is known for, is a  water-soluble vitamin. That means the body doesn’t store it and  a continuous supply of this essential vitamin is crucial for the beneficial effects to be maintained.

    Vitamin C source

    For this reason, it has always been recommended that we consume our Vitamin C in the form of whole foods such as oranges and broccoli to name a few.  Unfortunately, foods today are not of the highest quality with many nutrients being in low numbers. The factor behind low nutritional value of these foods is because of the processing that they have to undergo nowadays.

    To combat deficiency, we recommend our patients to take a Vitamin C supplement every day.

    Vitamin C Benefits

    This vitamin has tons of benefits to give, but we will talk about its three major benefits.

    Helps reduce colds and flu

    cold and flu

    We all have heard that this vitamin can reduce the duration of the common cold, but it has so many other beneficial effects.

    For Growth and Repair of Tissues

    Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in the body.  It plays an important part in the synthesis of collagen which helps make skin, tendons and blood vessels.  It was for this action that Vitamin C was the main treatment for scurvy back in the good old days.  Patients with stubborn wounds and burns are given the same vitamin to help the healing process.

    Has antioxidant properties

    The other reason why I like Vitamin C is because of its antioxidant properties.  Free radicals in our body cause damage to cells and can contribute to the aging process and the development of health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer!  This essential vitamin removes these free radicals from our body.

    Vitamin C source

    What should I look for?

    Here at the pharmacy, we recommend a dose of 4g of Vitamin C a day for the beneficial protective and healing effects it may produce.  Taking large doses of this vitamin may cause diarrhoea, so ensure that the product you are taking is formulated properly to minimise any gastrointestinal side effects.  Speak to your Pharmacist to determine the most suitable product.

    As you have figured out, from the pharmacy perspective, would like to ensure that whatever medicines we take are absorbed quickly into our body so they can get to work straight away.   So go for a Vitamin C powder.

    Vitamin C

    What about drinking lots of orange juice you ask? Be wary of drinking too much orange juice as the sugars may offset the beneficial effects of Vitamin C.

    Can I overdose on Vitamin C?

    What the thing with vitamin C is, you can’t take too much of it. If you’re taking Vitamin C to fight infection from cold and flu or using it for its antioxidant properties to help heal the skin, four grammes a day is the appropriate doasge. But some people like to go over and in fact some people don’t even get up to four grammes a day because what can happen, it just runs straight through your system. So there’s unfortunately a small percentage of our population who are sensitive to vitamin C.

    Taking a high dosage more than the recommended will get you some diarrhoea and an upset stomach. So, that’s what you need to be aware of. But certainly, if you have too much vitamin C, your body just rejects it and eliminate it. You’re gonna feel really sick as a side effect. The caution is to wind and use your vitamin C in a dose that’s recommended by a Pharmacist on the back of the product or your Naturopath. Or you’d better consult your doctor if you find yourself deficient of the said vitamin.

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