Vitality Health Check

Struggling To Find A Pharmacy To Complete Your Vitality Health Check?

How INEFFICIENT is it that your Pharmacy is unable to complete your Vitality Health Check during YOUR Lunch Break?

Don’t drain away those 6000 Points that AIA Vitality can give you for completing a Health Check.
How?? Our team of Integrative Pharmacists at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick are able to conduct your Vitality Health Check with ease!
We offer the CONVENIENCE & PROFESSIONALISM to ensure that your Vitality Health Check is able to be conducted promptly!

AIA Health check

What is Involved?

1. Use our EXCLUSIVE Health Station to provide the BASIC information that our Pharmacist needs to move onto the next stage of the Vitality Health Check.

2. Sit down 1 on 1 with a Pharmacist who will go through your results in full detail.

3. You have the option of completing further tests such as an Iron Screen, Cholesterol Test, Blood Glucose Test and a Food Intolerance Test

4. You will get a record of your results to claim your 6000 points!

AIA Vitality Health Check

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic health check is $20 and takes about 15 minutes.

If you prefer to learn more about your wellness, we can measure your HDL and LDL Cholesterol levels as well as your HbA1c Blood Glucose levels. These tests use the same technology and have the same accuracy as the tests you get from a pathology lab - BUT - you do not need a Dr’s referral and you don’t need to drive around trying to find a lab! This test is $40 and takes about 20 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Vitality Health Check

1. Do I Need To Make An Appointment

Yes! Please call us on 9380 9535 to schedule an appointment.

2. Pharmacies are usually busy, will my health check be conducted in Public?

The first 5 minutes of your test is conducted on our ‘Health Station’ which is situated on the Retail Floor. Information is displayed on a screen directly in front of you and the results are emailed. The second part of the Health Check is done in a Consultation Room

3. Does it hurt?

We do take a pin prick of blood for some of the tests, if Mosquito bites cause you pain, then you might be in trouble! Rest assured, our Pharmacists are professionals and attempt to minimise any discomfort. Jellybeans may or may not be given post test.


Claim your 6000 AIA Vitality Points by completing the above Health Checks in our Pharmacy located in West Brunswick.


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