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Sleep apnoea is a distinct sleep disorder that is common among most adults within and outside Australia.

Although the condition is often undiagnosed, it can have notable effects on the day-today activities of a person.

In sleep apnoea, the breath stops and starts during sleep. Sometimes, it is usually accompanied by insomnia, another distinct sleep disorder. Sleep apnoea often occurs as Obstructive sleep apnoea which generally affects 20% of middle-aged to older adults. It is characterized by a constant obstruction of the upper airways, hence the name 'Obstructive sleep apnoea'. This obstruction further leads to complete or partial cessation, reducing the level of oxygen in the blood.

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Most affected people are not aware of the disorder, however, some of the symptoms of sleep apnoea include loud snoring, loud breathing, sleepiness during the day, anxiety, insomnia, and breathing issues. Over time, sleep apnoea has also led to serious health complications, if left untreated. Some of these medical conditions include diabetes, eye problems, depression, and hypertension that strain the cardiovascular system. It is therefore important to watch out for the symptoms that may occur

How do I get rid of Sleep Apnoea

Respironics Auto CPAP Humidifier Heated Tubing

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The CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnoea has been uniquely designed to relieve symptoms caused by sleep apnoea.

  • Comfortable and Adjustible
  • Accompanied by a mask and hose to creating positive pressure in the airways
  • Increases the air pressure to the throat and open the upper airways while you sleep

The CPAP Machine for sleep apnoea will help you to sleep better without any interruptions.

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