Face it. Busy girls like us wouldn’t even bother bringing tons of makeup in our bags just to look the part. I mean, as much as we want to carry all our beloved eyeshadow palettes around, it’s just impractical. Especially when you live far away from your workplace and the gals call you up for an impromptu drinking sesh after work? I ain’t commuting home! See here, all you need are the makeup tools you have right in your purse. Let me tell you how you can do it. First, let’s start with the essential things you need in your everyday makeup kit.

     Makeup essential tools

    Day Time Makeup Kit Essentials


    When thinking of day makeup, the words “natural,” and “light” are the usual words that come to mind. The smokey eye night time favorite is put a side and light eye contouring is used instead. Day time makeup, when used for school, going to work or even just on a day out, focuses on: even toned skin and a nice lippie. It is more forgivable to wear a bright lip than it is to wear popping eyeshadow. So, what is it we really need on the daily? Follow this list and find out!


    Base makeup


    1.  BB Cream/ Sheer Foundation


    The deal is that we want to keep our base makeup as light as possible. With all the errands and the work to be done, a heavy base can leave us with excess sebum. Full coverage foundations may trap oils under that need to be let out, which may secrete more unnecessary oil to nourish the face. I suggest sticking with these lighter formulas as they do even out skin tone and may even have other beneficial properties.




    2. Concealer


    This step is always a must, especially for my ladies with dark circles. Since we opted for a sheer base, any deeper form discoloration may still peek through. This is where concealer comes in. Focus the product on the under eyes, and on specific pimple scars and dark patches only. We’ll leave the highlighting for tonight as this could cake also cake up the base early on during the day.



    3. Powder

    A powder compact should always be kept with us at all times. When we step back into the office after a lunch out, powder will be a miracle in keeping facial oils at bay. For extra coverage, if you think tinted moisturizer isn’t enough, go for a tinted powder that matches your skin tone instead of just translucent powder.


    Blush powder


    4. Blush


    This year, blush is the new star of the show! After applying the base makeup, add some color to the cheeks with a bright blush. Personally, I like concentrating the color on the apples of my cheeks, then carefully dusting the bridge of my nose and my chin with some of the leftover product on the brush. This will give me that flushed look all throughout the day.


    Bronzer makeup

    5. Bronzer


    Now let’s not forget everyone’s favorite! Since we’re only carrying the makeup essentials, this product may be emitted from the routine as there could already be a brown shade in the eyeshadow palette. However, if we’re looking for that sun-kissed look, then might as well throw this one in! This is also one of the most versatile products as it not only works to warm up the skin, but may also be used as a contour and an eyeshadow. Choose a cooler toned bronzer and a smaller, slightly angled brush and buff the product upwards in the hollows of the cheeks. Then with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, diffuse the product on the eye creases, as a transition shade.




    6. Highlighter


    This is another product we can go without. Now hold on, I think I’m hearing some – WAIT HUH? GO WITHOUT HIGHLIGHT?? UHM. WHY??! Like I said, we pack the essentials, and a highlighter shade can well be in the eyeshadow quad I will mention later. Calm down, folks! Also, we only need enough product to put on the inner corners, cheekbones and the tip of the nose. If the highlight color is too glittery or shimmery for the day, I like mixing it with a bit of tinted powder to lower its luster.


    7. Brow Pencil


    Yet again, another product we can ditch! However, since we are going to turn these products into night time products, we could use an extra hand. After all, brows can make or break the entire look! Choose a brow pencil either the same color as your hair or a shade lighter. Be careful not to pick ones that are too warm or too cool. With light strokes, fill in the spares areas on the brows. Take care not to overfill or over line as thicker/ darker brows may not be your friend when dealing with customers or giving presentations.


    eyeliner makeup


    8. Eyeliner


    Now here’s a product eyeshadow we can’t necessarily replace. Its effect can be feigned by eyeshadow, but it won’t give you the freedom to play with the waterline. When using a kohl or pencil liner, these formulas are better used on the upper waterline to give the eye a subtle outline. A felt tip pen will give us the opportunity to be creative with a flick or a wing at the outer ends of the eye. Eyeshadow may be too light to achieve these effects.


    9. Mascara


    This product adds that final touch to the eye makeup. It seals in the look. I’d recommend pumping the mascara more on the upper lashes than the lower lashes. Heavier lower lashes are more suited for a night time look. Also, lower lash mascara may tend to smudge throughout the day. It’s a nuisance to take off when we touch up at night!


    Your choice of lips

    10. Your choice of lip


    This is where we can go all out! Since the eyes are played down to the basics, the lips are free to party. Depending on undertone and outfit, I’d pick a deeper or brighter shade. When giving presentations or dealing with clients, we want to look as professional and confident as possible. If our lips are pale, studies show clients tend to think we aren’t as reliable. If a bright shade isn’t what we want, lip gloss always saves the day!


    eyeshadow quad eyeshadow quint

    11. Eyeshadow Quad/ Quints


    This one’s my favorite! It’s even more versatile than a bronzer since it can carry more than just one shade. I chose to include a quad in this article since 4/5 eyeshadows are all your need to create a well put together look for any occasion. Choose a quad that has the following: a deep dark shade, a light shimmery shade, medium brown shade and a pop of color of your choice. The medium shade can double as bronzer/ contour and brow powder, and the shimmer can double as highlight! For a day look, use the medium shade on the crease and the place the shimmer on the inner corners.


    Night Look Transformation


    Now that we got the essentials down, exactly how are we going to turn that look into a night out look? Reminder: don’t forget to wash off your day makeup first before applying anymore!

     Base makeup

    Step 1: Base


    For a fuller foundation effect, take the sheer foundation and add another layer or two. Make sure the product has dried down before applying the next one. Next, take the concealer and draw on 4 triangles: one for each under eye, on the forehead and on the chin. Lightly blend the product into place.



    Step 2: Powder


    Now, layer on some powder. For an even fuller foundation effect, instead of dusting the powder on, take a sponge and press the product onto the face. Be sure to blend the product in and use a brush afterward to take off any excess.


    colour makeup


    Step 3: Add Color


    To add color, diffuse the bronzer with a big fluffy brush on the perimeters of the face, including the hollows of the cheeks. Then take the blush and do the same blush technique I mentioned earlier. For contour, I’d use the medium shade in the eyeshadow quad with an angled brush and place the product precisely on the hollows of the cheeks and the sides of my nose. To finish this off, take the highlighter and add the shimmer on the highest points of the face: tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge and tip of the nose, and the cupids bow.


    eye makeup

    Step 3: Eye makeup


    With the same eyeshadow quad, take the crease shade and map out the hollows of the eyes to give it definition. It will also serve as the transition shade. With a heavier hand, circle on the same medium shade diffusely on both ends of the lids. Next, add some of the darkest shade to only the tip of the same brush and lightly tap this on both ends of the lids as well.  Remember to keep close to the lash line and not to overdo the powder. This adds depth to the look. Also, the inner corner of the lid should have a smaller area than the outer corner. Follow the contours of your own eyes. Then, take the color of your choice and diffuse it all over the lid, specifically on areas still without shadow. Blend all the powders together. Lastly, with your finger, take some shimmer and place it only on the very center of the lid. For the bottom lash line, diffuse the medium shade all over and add the darkest shade on the ends, mimicking the top lid. Cap it off with a few layers of mascara, both on the top and bottom lashes and voila! Ready to take to the streets!


    Step 4: Lips


    Since we’ve amped but the eyes, its best to use a lighter shade for the lips or even just a lip gloss! If the color you chose is too bright or loud, I like to mix in a little bit foundation into the product. First, I’d place some lipstick on the back of my hand, add a little foundation, and mix them together. Then, I’d proceed to applying them on my lips.


    And there you have it! Ready for work and definitely ready for a night at the town!


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