• What have you got to help me get to sleep?

    What have you got to help me get to sleep?

    What have you got to help me get to sleep?

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    How to deal with insomnia

    Is there a quick FIX to help me get me to sleep?

    This is a pretty tricky question because there are so many answers to hear, and a lot of people want a quick fix when they’re coming to the pharmacy, and we can appreciate that. If you’re coming to the pharmacy, you probably haven’t slept well in a couple of nights, or maybe you’re having problems getting to sleep and getting up during the night. Maybe you’re having problems staying asleep. We certainly appreciate where you’re coming from, and I’ve certainly been through times where I haven’t been able to sleep properly as well.


    3 Fixes to help you get to sleep


    One of the first things that we do, as always, when you come into the pharmacy is we have a quick chat about your symptoms, what medication you’re taking, any other medical conditions that you may have, and any other bits and pieces that may be going on in your life that may be affecting your sleep.

    Typically at the pharmacy, the usual way that we treat sleep over-the-counter is by using an old-school drowsy antihistamine. That certainly does make you drowsy and allows you to rest okay at night, but in quite a lot of people we find, and in quite a lot of our clients, it makes them really groggy and drowsy in the next morning, and it may not be the best solution for you.


    Magnesium Supplements

    The Second thing we recommend is natural medicines like Magnesium supplements and other preparations that use hops like Ziziphus and Chamomille.

    The list goes on and on and on of natural products that can help you sleep. And there’s sometimes, rightfully so, quite a little bit of scepticism about what works and what does not work. There’s a lot of evidence for a lot of these products now, so you don’t need to be concerned about that, but what we’re finding amongst our clientele is everyone has an individual response to these natural medicines that allow you to rest.

    Optional Treatment

    As always, the best way to do it is to come and speak to one of our wellness consultants. Whether it be our pharmacists or our pharmacy assistants, we will always go through, from a thorough history-taking session, on the best medication that you can use for you. And, of course, we’re super big advocates of other methods that you can use to help you sleep. I know this is a really easy thing to say, but we encourage you to have a look at some techniques such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. We have used these successfully before with our patients to help them sleep and to help them become more relaxed.

    Certainly, a lot of patients are using simple things, also, like using ear plugs and face masks, night masks, to create the right environment to sleep as well. Also, it’s super important that you get into a really good sleep hygiene. That involves making sure that you don’t use your mobile phone a couple of hours before bedtime because the blue light can definitely stuff up your circadian rhythms and just keep you super stimulated. Also, you want to make sure that your room is nice and dark, so you want to use blackout blinds where possible. You want to, obviously, try and avoid coffee and any other stimulants close to bedtime.

    There are other techniques to consider that will help stimulate sleep. These things were briefly discussed in the video as additional or optional treatment.

    Sleep is a pretty complex thing. We at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick can always find a solution that will help you. As always, if you have any questions, please make sure that you pop them in the comments below, and we will answer them. Thank you.

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