• SMS Reminder Service

    SMS Reminder Service

    SMS Reminder Service is one of the pharmacy services that we offer here in West Brunswick. TAKING THE RIGHT MEDICINE AT THE RIGHT TIME gives a better result when medical compliance is strictly followed. One way to help you manage your medication is through our SMS Reminder Service.

    SMS Reminder Service is really handy for your prescriptions. How it works is basically one week before your prescription is due, our computer will send you SMS text where you can reply back yes. When you reply back ‘YES’, we magically make up your prescriptions for you in the dispensary. After that, we will send you another text stating that it is ready for pickup. That way all you need to do is to come into the pharmacy and pick your up your scripts and be on your way.

    Our software is so efficient that it will even tell you when need to go to your doctor. As soon as you run out of prescriptions, it will send you another text to inform the need to go to the doctor.

    SMS Reminder Service

    The benefits of SMS Reminder Service

    You’ll get reminded when your script is low

    Leaving us your prescriptions is when you’re running low of prescriptions. The computer will send you another text saying, “Hey you need to go to the doctor and get some of your prescriptions.”

    You’ll get reminded when it’s time to take your medication.

    Another benefit is having your scripts on file. With our SMS service, you are reminded about your medication and that you are taking it regularly.

    You’ll be guided on how to fully manage your medication

    If you having problems managing your medication, or you just want someone to look after them or you’re looking for a full-proof way that you can use to help you manage your medication and be reminded about it. Forget about anything else. Just leave it up to us and come in and inquire about our SMS service.

    If you have any questions about SMS, please make sure you leave them below and we can answer them for you.

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