• 21 Smart Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

    21 Smart Ways to Store Your Beauty Products

    Holy grails not so holy any longer? Do perfumes smell more like dampened grass than the patchouli flower that reminds you of your wedding day? Maybe it’s time for cupboard checkup, ladies! Not all of the beauty products you hoard may last the year. Yes, all your skin care, hair care, and makeup products have an expiration date. Boohoo! Some may last longer than others depending on the formulation, packaging, or ingredients it contains. But don’t fret my friends, your next haul may not be out of vain if you know how to maximize your purchases by storing them strategically. Let me enlighten you with 21 smart ways to properly store your beauty products.

    Beauty Product Storage Cupboard

    Ways to Store Your Beauty Products:

    Period After Opening (PAO)

    Before we get into actually organizing your products, let’s delve into the main reason behind arranging them in a certain way. Ever come across these symbols before?

    Storage jars

    This is the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol which gives you a number in months for how long your product will last after opening. Now, this number is only an estimate. Depending on how often you use the product, keep it clean, and where you store it, may affect how long your product will last. Below is a handy table you could use in judging whether you should keep or toss your products or not!

    PRO TIP: Store all your beauty products AWAY FROM THE SUN, especially those with natural or active ingredients! UV rays and heat will cause these beauty products to break down and separate. Also, keep your products DRY to keep bacteria proliferation at bay.

    Skin/ Hair Care

    These beauty products, specifically, are infused with more natural and gentler components as your skin (especially on the face) and hair is the first layer of protection you have on your body. It also pays to keep it looking healthy and smooth for aesthetic purposes! You wouldn’t want a skin irritation or damaged hair because you used faulty products, do you?



    These products are the most frequently used beauty, therefore, keeping them wherever convenient is the most practical way of storage. You will most likely use up your shampoo/ conditioner bottle in a couple of months and will have to replace it after that while. Although, it is still best to keep in mind the general rules for storing them away from the sun and moisture.

    Bath care products

    Makeup Care


    The three things you need to watch out for in caring for your powders are: (1) the color, (2) bacterial contamination, and (3) drying out. The powder would have fewer bacteria in them compared to liquids and creams. However, leaving any sort of liquid or oil atop your powder could change its consistency as well as promote bacterial proliferation and oxidation. This is especially key in compact powders that come with sponges. Keeping them out in the sun, like next to a window, or storing them in clear packaging makes the powders susceptible to UV rays that could change its color. Lastly, when powders are exposed to too much air, they could dry up and form clumps making them unusable in the long run.

    Beauty products storage cooler


    These makeup products contain the most moisture and susceptible ingredients which is the reason they should be stored with utmost care. After all, we want our base make-up flawless! Like skincare, it is best to store liquid foundations and perfumes in the refrigerator. It better preserves the natural ingredients in the products as well as provides ease of application, especially for foundation. As a bonus, cold products help depuff and tame inflammation and redness on the face!

    Cosmetics Storage


    Although they may look pretty all displayed, they shouldn’t be kept out in the open, especially if you live in a humid area. This may cause the glue holding together all the brush hairs to tarnish. Keep them in a dry case, away from the bathroom! Also, be sure to wash them at least once a week and replace if they start to shed.


    To avoid your lipsticks from melting, store them in a cool place (e.g. drawers, air tight containers). If your liquid lipstick or lip gloss uses a wand, doe foot applicator or involves any dipping into the product, it’s best to clean out the tip before returning it to its tube. Lip products can last you at most 3 years if maintained properly!


    This product, as well as eyeliner, comes into closest contact with the eyes. Your conjunctival mucosa is considered an opening into the body’s inner workings, thus, it should be kept clean and away from anything that may cause infection. This is why you shouldn’t be sharing any of your eye makeup with a friend! It’s packaging also welcomes air which may cause it to oxidize and break down faster. Don’t pump your mascara tubes, girls! They may only last for a maximum of 6 months before replacing.

    Who would’ve thought we need to take care of our products just like we take care of our food! No wonder some of us have these skin issues. Take my word for it, you’ll probably be spending less in the long run.

    Always remember the golden rule ladies: the best way to store your beauty product is to keep it away from the sun and keep it dry!

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