SKINCARE REGIMEN FOR ANY SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

    With my dry and sensitive skin, I like to keep certain products available to me at all times. I’ve searched for these holy grails for years, trying out different brands being sold at various stores. The climate I live in rarely changes, so I’ve stuck to these products for a while now with no fail. Only until recently, till I moved to a more dynamic (season wise) part of the country, did I have to throw away my favorite moisturizer. Guess what? It broke me out! The betrayal was real ya’ll. The once perfect, intense yet hypoallergenic moisturizer I used to rave about suddenly gave me more moisture and oiliness than I typically needed. But, it wasn’t the product’s fault. I blame the weather.

    Oh, the seasons, do they mess up my routine! Although, let’s not worry just yet my friends! First thing, we must remember is that skincare comes from both outside and inside. Your cream, lotions and cleansers will only take you halfway there. Taking care of your body anatomically and physiologically will give the products you use a base for it to work. Sometimes, if you really keep yourself well and healthy, it could even minimize the amount of product you place on your skin altogether! Let me show you how!

    Taking Care of Your Skin from Within

    1.Drink more water

    WaterSuffering from dryness? You might not be taking in enough water. It’s true what doctors say, you know. We do need our 8 glasses a day, 8 glasses at the least even! Most of our body functions on water. The skin, being the largest organ, is no exception to the rule. The main function of your skin is to protect your body from bacteria and anything that may damage its inner workings. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin gets dry. It’ll flake off and shed easily. This means you’re ridding yourself of your first line protection program. This becomes more apparent in the Summer and Winter, where extreme temperatures force our bodies to work harder and use up more of our water stores.

    2.Have a diet rich in Omega-3s, Zinc, and Vitamins C, A and E

    Omega 3 dietOmega-3s are a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that aid the architecture and function of cell membranes. All the cells in our body have this membrane that selects what should and what not should pass through its integrity keeping it from harm (much like our skin). It also keeps the moisture we need in place.

    Zinc has been found to aid in skin healing through strengthening our immune systems and clotting pathways. Should you get an injury while on a high zinc diet, your body may repair itself faster!

    Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, which is a component in our skin’s framework that keeps it strong and supple. Collagen also is important in healing. It takes part in activating the pathway for creating a plug when we encounter a wound.

    3. Get enough hours of sleep

    Not only getting enough hours but sleeping at the right time is also a good thing to remember! Sleep is needed to rejuvenate the body. It is your body repairs itself from exhausting all its energy throughout the day. Studies also show at around 2am – 5am in the morning, our bodies peak with certain growth hormones which signal renewal and repair. To maximize this, it is best to be asleep and recuperating at that time. Set the alarms folks!

    4. Chillax

    Why do you look haggard after the end of a bad day? Your skin looking droopy, sullen and gray. Well, that’s the stress taking your away, fam. Stress does all kinds of things to your body, heightening your reactions to things and overworking your organs. This leaves you tired, and might I say, it reflects itself on your skin as well. Also, with all the frowning and scrunched up faces you do through-out your stressful day could give you wrinkles!

    5. Be gentle and clean

    Skincare routine

    You can take in all the skin strengthening supplements there is and wear protective clothing all you want, but you still use harsh soap to wash your hands every day, you’ll still end up with callouses and roughness! Don’t get me started on your faces, people! Our hands touch everything we come across through the day. This means all the dirt, grime and bacteria we’ve encountered, without awareness, all are being harbored on our fingertips. If you just happen to feel a nose itch or try to wisp your hair away from your face, the measly action can transfer all that dirt onto your face! Most especially for those with naturally oily skin! Be prepared and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times.

    Top Skincare Products to Use for Every Season

     skincare regimen


    Goodbye clouds and hello sunny skies! Here’s to longer days and that workout routine you’ve been saving for after the Holidays. It also the perfect time to smell some of this season’s fresh new blooms. Be careful though! With the heavier waft of pollen in the air, it is also the season for allergic rhinitis!


    I’m sure you’ve missed the warmer weather. But let’s not get too excited and forget the SPF! You should put on your daily SPF of 30 – 50. The warmer sun is emitting more UV rays now than it did when it was behind clouds in the winter. Studies also say an SPF higher than 50 won’t be as effective either since it only protects against UVB 50 and zinc oxide is the best way to protect yourself from both.

    Moisturizing toner

    This product will keep you less oily during your morning jogs and yoga sessions and, also, lock in your skin’s inherent moisture. The change from cold to hot could spark your pimple producing tendencies, especially when you sweat more. You can also keep hydrated and cool with a refreshing skin mist. And remember, to change off your soiled clothes as it creates an environment for fungi to grow! Yuck!

    A good wash and cold compress

    I usually get my dermatitis in the hotter weather, most especially with all the allergens in the air. As soon as I get home, I take a shower to rid my body of the extra allergens. Should I contract any rashes or itching? A cold compress usually does the trick to relieve the inflammation. If that doesn’t work, topical hydrocortisone or anti-itching cream helps as well!


    Here comes the sun, do do do dooo! ‘Tis the season of bikini tops and bare skin. You have to be extra protective during this time of year as the sun gets way hotter and the protective layer of clothing we have on are at a minimum. Aside from sunscreen, there are a bunch of things you must look after as well!

    Lighter versions of your routine
    With the weather being hot and humid, your skin will most likely be extra greasy. This is when you should put away all the creams and oil-based products and stick with their water-based versions instead.

    Cleanser and Gentle Exfoliators

    With all the protectants, sunscreen, bug spray and extra sweat you have coated your skin this summer, you need to make sure you take away all that pile up by the end of the day. Lest you want your pores clogged and acne to come out! Having a light cleanser and exfoliator will do the job well, leaving you squeeky clean and bacteria free for the next day. Also, take caution in using exfoliators as scrubbing your skin too much could make it more vulnerable in the summer sun!


    Time to bring out those beanies and scarves ‘cause the weather is about to get a little chillier soon! It’s wrap up time again but covering up can also mean keeping in all the oils, sebum and dried up sweat on your hats and clothes. Do I hear another pimple pop? Yikes! Be sure to keep everything washed well! Define your acne skincare regimen from here.

    Lip balms

    Most people forget that your lips are also subject to UV rays emitted by the sun. Not to mention dryness with the impending cold! Remember, the skin on your lips is thin and needs just as much attention as your under eyes. Keep your lips protected by investing in a moisturizing lip balm with SPF in the transition from hot to cold!

    Hand cream

    From sea-water-soaked hands to wooly cotton hands, the change in moisture can really take its toll on your palms (and nails, even)! Many people struggle with keeping smooth and soft hands, and its even more of a feat in the colder weather. After washing your hands or coming in from a cold day out, rubs your hands with some hand cream to hydrate those parched palms. It’s also good to keep a tube handy with you in case you feel your hands are rougher than usual.


    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – but remember, don’t let it dry! As drying as we think the sun can be during the summer, the cooler months of the holidays are even worse without the humidity in the air. Be sure to keep warm and toasty, and moisturize every so often.

    Lotion to cream

    The change in weather can really mess up your skin’s regular hydration state. A shift from humid to dry air can either cause your face to peel or to over compensate and secrete more oils. Counteract this by switching from water-based lotions to a heavier oil-based cream. If you think a cream is too much for your already oily complexion, I suggest targeting certain areas that can get drier than other parts like the skin under your eyes, the area around your mouth, your lips, and your cheeks.


    Cucumber eyemaskWhat better time to have a hot bath, drowning in essential oils, scented candles, rose petals and a hot cup of cocoa to relax in the winter cold. Put on a face mask while you’re at it! During this hibernation season, treat your skin to a homemade spa day at least once a week to alleviate the stresses you’ve subjected it in the past months of trying tons and tons of beauty and skincare products.

    Skincare Regimen Pro tip: try using a cocktail of masks! Mixing on peel off masks de-clog pores on the nose and chin areas, a brightening mask under the eyes and a hydration mask for the rest of the face.

    In a nutshell

    With the floodings of different skincare products for each season, you might get overwhelmed which product to choose from. Think smart. Start with understanding the type and tone of your skin. From that point, you can check on a skincare regimen that will be suitable for you. Always read the label and seek the advice of a beauty or skincare consultant before deciding to purchase.

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