Sleep Apnoea Machine Hire

The simplest solution that gives peaceful sleep and protects you against fatal diseases without any medication, side effects or costly treatment..Get Sleep Apnoea Machine on hire in Melbourne today!

Dear friend

Are you having a disturbed sleep?

Is your partner irritated with your loud snoring?


Does your partner complain about your snoring?

Yes?  Then you are likely suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea!


While you may ignore it, it could lead to life threatening diseases and even death…The statistics are alarming:

84% sleep apnoea patients suffer nocturnal strokes

80% have Fibromyalgia
65% OSA patients have diabetes

50% are likely to suffer from kidney disease

40% to 50% may have High Blood Pressure
34% people suffer from coronary heart disease

34% are victim to congestive heart failure obese

The Good News is Sleep Apnoea can be treated and managed with a simple solution and without any Medication…But here’s the bad news first:

80% Australians never know they have Sleep Apnoea…
Many of them meet with sudden, untimely death

So if you or someone close to you are either suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, snore loudly, are obese, depressed or feel sleepy during the day, the first step is to check for the symptoms of sleep apnoea.

The following are the tell-tale signs of Sleep Apnoea

Loud snoring

Frequent pauses in breathing

Chocking, snorting when sleep

Disturbed sleep


Loss of memory/inability to concentrate

Depression, mood swings, anxiety

Irritation during the day

Morning headaches

Feeling sleepy in day time

If you or loved one has any of these symptoms,
you need to ACT immediately!

With that said, let’s go back to the Good News…

CPAP Machine for Hire to treat obstructive sleep apnoea

Sleep Apnoea can be treated without any medication…All you need is a Sleep Apnoea machine, commonly known as a CPAP Machine and you don’t even need to invest in buying a machine…

All you need is a CPAP machine that prevents the airway from getting blocked!

Sleep Apnoea machine or the CPAP machine ensures that the air flows continuously through your mouth or nose using a special mask. This protects the upper airway and prevents its collapse. Thus, the person gets a sound sleep without any obstruction in breathing. Since there is no obstruction in the air pathway, there is no snoring…So, your partner too can enjoy an undisturbed sleep.

CPAP Machine is your complete solution, not only to treat sleep apnoea, but also to keep dreaded diseases at bay…

Since CPAP machine allows free airflow, it ensures uninterrupted oxygen supply to your vital organs, protecting you from life threatening diseases such as:

Once you start using the sleep apnoea machine, you enjoy:

* Peaceful, snore-less sleep

* Higher alertness during the day

* Improved focus

* Higher emotional stability

* Improved efficiency

* Improved overall health

Best is, you don’t need to invest in a Sleep Apnoea Machine…Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick offers Sleep Apnoea machine hire Melbourne!

With the sole aim of bringing cost effective, efficient treatment for all suffering from Sleep Apnoea, Priceline pharmacy West Brunswick offers Sleep Apnoea device on hire in Melbourne...

CPAP Machines can cost you few hundreds to few thousands…

A good CPAP machine can easily cost a few thousands, which makes it out of reach for many…That’s where Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick comes into picture…

Pharmacy Services

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick Gives you Sleep Apnoea Machine on hire…

With the sole aim of bringing cost effective, efficient treatment for all suffering from Sleep Apnoea, Priceline pharmacy West Brunswick offers Sleep Apnoea device on hire in Melbourne...

For Sale: $1799
For Hire: $250

Your Life Is Precious...Don’t Let OSA wipe away years from your life...

If you are staying in or around Melbourne,

Just STEP into our pharmacy and start using Sleep Apnoea machine on hire


DreamWear Mask

With DreamWear Mask, you can sleep with comfort in any position. Its cushion comes in small, medium wide and large. DreamWear sleep mask is engineered with unique features that don't leave red marks or irritations to the nostril or on the bridge of the nose.

The three cushion options:

DreamWear Nasal

With DreamWear Nasal mask, you can sleep with comfort in any position. Its the most less invasive and is suitable for those who have no issues with nasal passages.

DreamWear Pillow

DreamWear Gel Pillows provides you the freedom of movement to sleep in any position. Less discomfort on the face, nose and nostrils is felt among users.

DreamWear Full Face

This DreamWear innovative design doesn't leave any red marks, discomfort, and irritation in the nostril or on the nose bridge.

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