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Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has a great range of CPAP Machines at the best prices. If you are a first time CPAP Machine Owner, we will step you through everything a beginner will need to know how to setup your new CPAP Machine so that you get a good night's rest.

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The 3 most important points above all when deciding which CPAP Machine to purchase are

Are you able to get real support from a live human in setting up the cpap machine? Our sleep consultants are located in West Brunswick, and will help you to setup your CPAP machine so that it is tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, can you talk to a real person if you have any questions about your CPAP machine. We have sleep specialists in store who are trained in troubleshooting of your CPAP machine. For that reason, you can confidently bring your machine back and know that our consultants will help you in ensuring that the CPAP machine works exactly to your needs.

Above all, there is compliance. We make sure that you are receiving the optimum treatment. There are many ways to connect, transfer and analyse therapy data from a CPAP machine. Our sleep specialists can change the settings on your machine to respond better to your requirements.

At Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, we can help you out with all the information you need to use your CPAP Machine correctly.

Want to know more how CPAP Machines work?

CPAP Machine for Hire to treat obstructive sleep apnoea

Sleep Apnoea can be treated without any medication…All you need is a Sleep Apnoea machine, commonly known as a CPAP Machine and you don’t even need to invest in buying a machine…

Masks and Supplies for your CPAP Machines

Furthermore, when you purchase your CPAP Machine through Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, our Sleep Specialist will ensure that you have the right masks and supplies to help you sleep better.

Got any Enquiries on CPAP Machines or Choosing the Right CPAP Accessories?

There are Nasal Masks, Full Face Masks and Pillow Masks that you can use with your cpap machines. Different types of faces and personal preferences can make choosing a mask a daunting process. In contrast, when you come in store, you are able to talk to a sleep specialist who will help determine the right mask for you to complement your CPAP machine.


DreamWear Mask

With DreamWear Mask, you can sleep with comfort in any position. Its cushion comes in small, medium wide and large. DreamWear sleep mask is engineered with unique features that don't leave red marks or irritations to the nostril or on the bridge of the nose.

The three cushion options:

DreamWear Nasal

With DreamWear Nasal mask, you can sleep with comfort in any position. Its the most less invasive and is suitable for those who have no issues with nasal passages.

DreamWear Pillow

DreamWear Gel Pillows provides you the freedom of movement to sleep in any position. Less discomfort on the face, nose and nostrils is felt among users.

DreamWear Full Face

This DreamWear innovative design doesn't leave any red marks, discomfort, and irritation in the nostril or on the nose bridge.

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