Food Intolerance Test West Brunswick

Are you bloated after eating certain foods?
Are you tired at certain times of the day?
These symptoms may be caused by an immune system response to food proteins.

Are you reacting to the foods you eat?
By conducting a Priceline food intolerance test, you can get a better idea on what you might be intolerant to. By removing the certain foods you are intolerant to, you can completely change your life!

The cost of the Food Intolerance test is $250.
This includes the test and 3 consultations with an Integrative Pharmacist.
Our Integrative Pharmacists will go through what foods you are intolerant to and offer advice on alternative foods and in some cases, work with you on how you may remove these foods from your diet.

Check out our video on the food intolerance testing service

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How does the Priceline food intolerance test work?

Our Integrative Pharmacist conducts a blood test for food antibodies (IgG). You don’t have to send off a sample and wait weeks to receive results from a testing laboratory. All is needed is a small blood sample taken from a finger prick.

The test shows if you have IgG antibodies to specific foods.

What happens in the consultation?

Consult 1: Our Integrative Pharmacist conducts the test and starts the discussion about we may start to heal your body from its inflamed state

Consult 2: Integrative Pharmacist goes through your results. They help you on managing what foods to avoid, and which ones you can rotate in and out of your diet.

Based on your symptoms, medication history, and other medical conditions, the Pharmacist will tailor a healing protocol for your gut. Typically the foods you are intolerant to cause an inflammatory state in your gut which manifests in the symptoms you experience: ie, bloating, skin reactions etc.

Consult 3: A follow up with the Integrative Pharmacist on how everything is going, and how they can tailor the treatment plan to suit what you are experiencing and provide coaching and counselling to achieve optimal wellness.

Ready to feel better?

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