• Dose Administration Aid

    Dose Administration Aid

    Do you often forget taking your medicines at the specified time? Do you have a family member who has difficulty managing his/her medicines? With a special dosing device called Dose Administration Aid or DAA, you will never miss taking a tablet! What is DAA? DAA(DOSE ADMINISTRATION AID)  is one of the services that your local

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  • MediMate DAA Packing Service

    MediMate DAA Packing Service is here to help you manage multiple medications with ease. No more hassle in sorting your medications and you will never miss taking your medicine at the right time. What is MediMate all about? MediMate is the new DAA (Dose Administration Aid). Dose Administration Aids are medicine packaging systems designed to

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  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Test

    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Test

    Sleep disorders are one of many widely unrecognized and undiagnosed conditions. Most sleep symptoms usually manifest due to co-morbid conditions like obesity and depression. However, there is a term 80% of Aussies are unfamiliar with, though unknowingly live with every day. This is called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or OSA, for short. Paucity of breathing while

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  • Holistic Approach Working in West Brunswick

    Holistic Approach Working in West Brunswick

    It was a great privilege being featured in the pharmacy profile of Retail Pharmacy April 2020 issue. Authored by Nerine Zoio, the feature story talks about how Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick began and how it became the best pharmacy in integrating holistic approaches and pharmacy medicine to its patients. Priceline Pharmacy West  Brunswick in Melbourne

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