• What to do with Unwanted Medicines

    What to do with Unwanted Medicines

    Unwanted medicines must go immediately to prevent any danger or harm to your family. As you clean your medicine cupboard, see to it that you fill it with the updated stock of medicines. RUM BIN or the so-called “Return of Unwanted Medicines Bin ” is a big yellow bin where old, unused, or expired medicines are put into. These unwanted medicines will be incinerated in a proper manner. We offer this service FREE for all.

    How this RUM BIN works?

    The Rum Bin Project in West Brunswick

    Rum bin is the best way to return unwanted medicines by bringing them to the pharmacy. Your community pharmacy will be responsible for handling these returned medicines in a safe and appropriate manner until they are sent back to the wholesalers for proper disposal.

    Read The Labels

    Here in the pharmacy, we regularly encourage our clients to go through their first aid kit or medicine cabinets. Heeding to the call, they will fish out on medication that they are not using anymore. If caught unaware, any medications that are out of date or medicines lying around the house could get into the wrong hands. Children could ingest them incorrectly. So it’s always a good habit to keep the medicines away from these little guys.

    how to return unwanted medicines

    Remove Unwanted Medicines

    Rather than throwing them down into your regular bin or putting them down the sink, we encourage you to bring them back to the pharmacy where we can take your medications and put them in any of our yellow bins. Once the bins are full, we send them back to our wholesalers for proper incineration. That is to ensure that medications are destroyed properly and don’t get into the wrong hands.

    Return Unwanted Medicines to Your Local Pharmacy

    If you find any y RUM bin in your local pharmacy, please bring and return old, unused, and expired medicines for safe disposal. If you are in a nearby area, we at Priceline Pharmacy are happy to do this service for you.

    Why are we doing this?

    We believe in the advocacy of Return Unwanted Medicines Australia to keep the environment free from pharmaceutical wastes. In connection to that, we are of the same passion to safely collect these unwanted medicines for proper incineration. This initiative will help people in the community and the world at large to live in a healthier and safer environment.

    One of the reasons we’re passionate about the return of unwanted or expired medicines is that it keeps millions of kilograms of pharmaceutical waste out of Australian waterways, groundwater and soil. In fact, since the project started we’ve collected and safely incinerated over 10,000,000 kg of unwanted medicine. 

    Return Unwanted Medicines Australia

    In a Rum Bin…

    How the way we participate in this project? On a regular basis, we remind our clients to take action by informing them to check on their unwanted medicines. We ask them to declutter their medicine cupboards and bring those medicines here in the pharmacy where the RUM bins are waiting.

    Return Unwanted Medicines RUM Bin

    From Yellow to Teal

    Just recently, the yellow rum bin has a new look with the same function to fulfill. Here in the pharmacy, our rum bins are strategically positioned so you can safely drop your unwanted medicines.

    We have been doing this advocacy in the long run. Surprisingly, we’ve got the opportunity to share our thoughts about this RUM project. You may check on Alvin’s interview by Return Unwanted Medicine Org.

    Pharmacist Alvin Shares His Thoughts on the RUM Bin Project

    For more information about return unwanted medicines, visit the website of Return Unwanted Medicines Australia

    Lastly, if you have any questions about this service, please make sure you write your question in the comments below. Like and share this post. And we look forward to seeing you in the pharmacy with your old, unused, expired medications.

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