• Q&A Live with Alvin Episode no.1: Pharmacy Questions to Answer

    This broadcast Q&A session with the Pharmacist is one great service by Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick. It aims to provide general advice by answering pharmacy questions to help customers better understand the medications or treatment that they need to take or consider.

    The premier episode got five pharmacy questions which were answered thoroughly by Alvin. Here’s the full transcription:


    Hey, it’s Alvin from Priceline Pharmacy, West Brunswick. Today we’ve just got some … we’re doing this regular Fridays Question & Answer sessions here on Facebook, so if you have any questions, we’ll do our very best to answer them for you. If you’re popping online, we can answer them for you as well. Some of the questions that users or our fans have put through this week, we’ll just go through them.

    Pharmacy questions which were answered

    1st Question: Why do people need to show their driver’s license when they buy codeine?


    One of the first questions that were asked of us this week was why do people need to show their driver’s license when they buy codeine? This is a recommendation with the government … the government is making codeine go on prescription next year from February 2018. As part of their management process, we’re participating in a programme where we’re recording everyone’s codeine details. It’s totally optional, but we ask that you do it. It just helps us build a case to the government to show that people aren’t abusing codeine. The whole deal with codeine is a lot of people … the government thinks a lot of people are abusing it and it’s not really the best therapy for people. That’s why we’re recording codeine. When you come into the pharmacy, we may ask you for your driver’s license. Your help is pretty appreciated.

    2nd Question: I’ve lost my voice. What can I do?


    We’ve got a question here from Kathy. She says, “I’ve lost my voice. What can I do?” This is a pretty common question that we’re getting now. One of the main ways to help with a lost voice is just to soothe the throat by using a lozenge. Kathy, that’s what I would do, I would use a lozenge and please make sure you come in and see us because there are so many different types of lozenges, we can help you choose the right one.

    3rd Question: With all this pollen and the asthma scare from last year, what should I be doing?


    A question here by Joseph. Joseph has got here, “With all this pollen and the asthma scare from last year, what should I be doing?” This is happening a lot now. What we’re seeing is with the change in seasons, with the pollen and there are lots of micro-pollen around, that’s causing people with hay fever to have these really severe asthma attacks. What we’re recommending is to keep an Asmol or a Ventolin or an asthma inhaler with you. That’ll help relieve some of your symptoms. With an asthma inhaler, if you come in, if you haven’t used one before, we can show you how to use it. It’s good to have on hand just in case your breathing becomes really, really difficult.

    4th Question: How do we treat gastro and food poisoning


    Got a question here from [Waleed 00:03:16]. Waleed’s asking us how we treat gastro and food poisoning. I’m hoping you’re feeling better Waleed. It’s such an individual treatment response so without knowing your full situation, this is what I’d be recommending. The main thing is you want to make sure that you get onto some fluid replacement. I’m assuming this is for yourself Waleed, and you look like an adult, so get onto a fluid replacement, so using something like Gastrolyte or Hydralyte to just replenish all the fluids that you’ve lost and also using some probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria, which you pump back into your system that will get rid of all the naughty bugs and also allow your gut to heal really quickly. Depending on whether you have a temperature or not, we’ll be giving something to block you up, like some immodium and that kind of thing. That’s what I’d be recommending there for you, Waleed.

    5th Question: Why scripts take so long to get done?


    We’ve got a question here from Jessica and she wants to know why scripts take so long to get done. That’s a really good question, Jessica. You may have seen one of my other videos on the whole dispensing process. It might be a good idea if I might do another video on that to show you a pictorial representation of what goes on in the dispensary.

    Basically, your scripts take 10 minutes because one, we take in your script, we then need to check all your details, we need to make sure that we can read the doctor’s handwriting, make sure that the medication the doctor has prescribed is safe for you to use, there’s no interactions and that kind of thing, got to make sure it’s suitable.

    Then we dispense the medication, so that means putting it through our computer system and then labelling it and making sure we get the correct product off the shelf. Along the way, we’re checking all the time. If it’s a dose that we’re concerned about, we need to check our references for that. That takes up a little bit of time. Then after we label them, we put them on the shelf. Of course, notwithstanding there may be people before you who’s scripts are coming first. Great question there.

    So guys, we hope to be doing this every Friday at about 10 o’clock. If you have any pharmacy questions, please put them up on our Facebook page during the week. We’ll do our very best to answer them.


    Just one disclaimer at the end, always seek medical advice. We’re just doing our best to give general advice over here. If your symptoms persist, please always contact your healthcare professional or come in and see us in person. Thank you. Any pharmacy questions, comments, leave them below. Thank you.

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