• The Essential Probiotics for the Gut

    The Essential Probiotics for the Gut

    Probiotics for the gut

    Probiotics are good bacteria that have health benefits. Many of us are very much aware of them serving some function in the body particularly in the gut.  Typically probiotics are used for diarrhoea and preventing the side effects of antibiotic use.

    I recommend probiotics as part of the super 6 supplements because they are essential in maintaining your immune system.  By keeping your immune system in check your are less susceptible to common infections and you feel an overall sense of wellbeing.

    Let me explain why I think all our immune systems controlled in our intestine is in need of help.

    It is being discovered that a large range of physiological conditions are determined by the immune system in our intestines.  Leaky gut is the term used to describe an imbalance in the immune system.

    The intestinal lining is used to transport nutrients around the body.  A leaky gut is when this intestinal lining is inflamed allowing all sorts of nasty things to enter the intestinal lining. This scenario can lead to a whole host of unwanted conditions in the body.


    The benefits of probiotics

    How does our gut get leaky?

    Leaky gutThe main ways are alcohol, diet, stress and antibiotic use.  Basically eating and drinking the foods we typically associate with as being un-harmful may cause serious reactions to your gut.

    A leaky gut will cause nutritional deficiencies in your body which may lead to conditions like fatigue and headaches.  A leaky gut means that your body’s immune system is overactive and may be the reasons for eczema, hay fever, asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and its associated conditions.

    Taking probiotics may help with a leaky gut. Friendly bacteria maintain the balance of bad bacteria and yeast, heal the gut lining, help nutrients get absorbed, and keep the vicious cycle in check.

    What Probiotics should I look for?

    I recommend my patients to take a probiotic in the form of a powder to allow quick absorption and therefore rapid action.  Having said that, probiotics are not a quick fix and the super benefits are not usually seen in patients for about 3 months. So, be persistent with it!

    If you have a predisposing condition such as irritable bowel syndrome or generally low immunity, speak to your Pharmacist who will start you off on a particular strain of probiotic best suited to helping your condition.

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