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Need Medical Certificate for your work absence?

Priceline Medical Certificate Pharmacy is here for you!

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has just the people you need to see to be able to get you a certificate for absence from work due to minor ailments.

Check out our videos about the frequently asked questions people have about Medical Certificates issued in the Pharmacy by our Accredited Pharmacists.

You will need an official statement stating your absence was legitimately due to sickness to make your sick/ carer leave valid. This can be issued by either a pharmacist, for minor ailments, or a physician, for major ailments. Read on to see how!

An absence from work certificate costs $29.95 and involves consultation with our Pharmacist. Depending on your condition, the consultation may take up to 10 mins. The typical wait time for a consultation with a Pharmacist is no more than 10 mins.

We can issue certificates every day of the week, even on Sundays!

General Steps in Acquiring a Medical Certificate

Below are the steps you must undertake to be able to acquire a medical certificate to give to your employer:

(If a pharmacist is unable to issue you with a certificate for absence from work and you believe you are unfit for your work, you should seek an opinion from your doctor.)

Priceline Medical Certificate Pharmacy

    1. Upon arriving at work, ask your employer for the requirements needed to validate your absence.
    2. Locate a pharmacy that issues medical certificates. You can try Priceline Pharmacy or United Chemists.
    3. Request for a certificate at the pharmacy.
    4. Provide all the information asked of you at the consultation.
    5. After a record and assessment has been completed, you will then either receive your certificate or be referred to a doctor should your condition be beyond the scope of the pharmacist’s expertise.
    6. Pay for the fee required.
    7. Proceed to submitting your certificate to your employer.

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