Philips Dreamstation
CPAP with Humidifier

Needing a CPAP machine is never exciting. You may need it to sleep more soundly, or to open your airways, or just to sleep at all without waking up due to breathing issues. Whatever the reason, finding the most invaluable machine to help you is ideal.

Philips Dream Station Auto CPAP
Philips Dream Station Auto CPAP

The Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP machine is one of the most recommended machines on the market.

With quality control, as well as a quiet running time; your sleep will never be interrupted (or your partners).

This Dreamstation bundle comes with a Humidifier

This built allows you to sleep without worrying about sinus headaches or drying nasal passages. Paired with the auto-pressure relief, your breathing patterns are automatically matched while breathing throughout the night.

  • Comfort
  • User-friendly ability
  • Sound Sleeping

All comes together to create the best night’s worth of sleep you’ve ever had – and more!

Philips Dreamstation in Melbourn
Dreamstation Machine

Features of the Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP with Humidifier:

  • 25.8 dBA for whisper-quiet production
  • Easy to operate with multiple controls
  • Auto-adjusts pressure
  • Heated hose & humidifier
  • Heated hose & humidifier
  • OptiStart Technology
  • DreamMapper app for smartphones, tablets, and devices
  • User-friendly water chamber design
  • Comfort & better sleep

The Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP with humidifier is easy to use!

But those who want to learn more and get more from it can speak with a sleep specialist here who can provide more insight. We are trained and knowledgeable in all of the units we sell, helping everyone obtain the best sleep possible

Dreamstation Machine

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