Priceline Pharmacy Prescription App

With Priceline Pharmacy Prescription App, you can easily snap and send your script to your local pharmacist. With just one click, you will be able to manage your medication and have it refilled at the convenience of your home.


The App is smartly designed with all the advanced features to make medication management even more handy and beneficial for the users. How convenient and effective to use this App is? You will find out as you start using this digital tool. Please scroll down for the instructions below.

Priceline Pharmacy Prescription App

This is a digital service that pharmacies are doing nowadays to help you manage your medication without missing a script to refill. This handy app gives you the convenience to collect your medication at your own pace of time.


If you want your medication delivered to you, a courier fee may apply.


For more info: Home Delivery Service

Courier Fee: $10.00

Within 5Km
radius perimeter

What the Priceline Pharmacy App can do for you?


SMS Notification

Message notifications to let
you know when your order is ready



Never miss a repeat by setting
medication reminders



Repeat Prescription

Medication history all in one place


Never lose a script again


Centrally manage all your
family’s medicine needs


DOWNLOAD THE APP. The first thing to do is to download the FREE APP from Google Play or Apple Store.

Download app from Google or Apple


Find a Priceline Pharmacy near you. Simply enter your postcode and browse a list a participating Pharmacies.


Get your app activation code. To activate your account with a personal verification code, you have to visit your chosen or local Priceline Pharmacy. Your Pharmacist will confirm your identity and may ask for any form of identification, such as Australian Drivers License, Passport or Medicare Card.


Sign Up and enter your activation code. Personalise your details and enter the activation code supplied by your local Priceline Pharmacy


Finalise your account details. Set up your password and create an account PIN. You may start setting your reminder preferences within app and ask assistance from your Pharmacist to ensure the most appropriate reminder settings tailored for your personal medication and pharmacy services needs.


Go through the app tour. Learn about what the Priceline Pharmacy app can do for you. There are many features to explore that will surely help you enjoy using this app.


Make it personal. Now medication management is made easy with the app. Your set ready to manage your scripts, add dose reminders, order and pay for your medications and more can be done in just a few clicks.



Electronic Prescription

Auto Refill Prescription Service

SMS Reminder Service

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