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Be Alert! Pertussis is Contagious

Pertussis, famously known as whooping cough, is a respiratory tract illness characterized by violent coughing. It derives its common name, whooping cough, from the whoop sound produced when trying to inhale.

This whoop sound is caused by the swelling and inflammation of the voice box that vibrates during rapid air inflow. This whoop sound is often not recognized in young children but is clearly heard in teens and some adults.

Whooping Cough Vaccine

How long does Pertussis usually last?

Although pertussis is usually milder in adults than in young children, the duration of the symptoms lasts just as long as in young children. Developing the symptoms after catching the infection can take up to three weeks. Bursts of rapid and violent coughing usually last around 1 to 6 weeks but can last up to 10 weeks.

Who needs to get the whooping cough vaccine?

Contrary to popular belief that whooping cough only affects babies and young children, individuals of all ages can actually contract this contagious disease. However, whooping cough is most dangerous in young children, as it can lead to severe illnesses, such as pneumonia, and rarely even mortality.


  • Pregnant Women. It is highly recommended that mothers be given the Tdap every pregnancy. When Tdap is administered, the pregnant mother creates antibodies against whooping cough. These antibodies cross the placenta and help protect the unborn child. You will have antibodies in your milk that you can share with your baby when breastfeeding. But, if you get the Tdap only after giving birth, it will take two weeks for the antibodies to be created before it can be passed to your child through your breast milk.
  • Babies and Young Children. Physicians recommended five DTaP shots for babies and young children. It is suggested to be given during the following ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15-18 months, and 4-6 years.
  • Adolescents and Adults. Teens and adults, especially those who are in close contact with babies and young children, should be immunized with the whooping cough vaccine Tdap.

Whooping Cough Vaccine

  • Babies and Young Children. Physicians recommended five DTaP shots for babies and young children.

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