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We are your ParcelPoint Agent in West Brunswick

Ever get excited for a parcel to come in the mail, wait longer than expected, only to be told it got lost in shipping? Or, maybe, bought a pretty dress online only to receive it 3 times smaller than you anticipated? How about shopping for a new pair of shoes and having to line up for 3 hours at the post office just to receive them? Yeah, we’ve all been there. As much as we’d like to have someone to blame every time this happens, there are other ways we can avoid this problem. One of which is having a second party mailing service keep track of our online purchases, make sure they arrive safely to our area, and deal with any mishaps in returning unwanted packages.

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ParcelPoint Australia is one of these mailing services that keeps our mail safe and ready for us when we are ready to receive it! They are known to have 1,500+ agents all over Australia. Most of which are convenience stores, pharmacies, and any establishment open on the weekends and during late hours. This gives us the handiness of picking up our parcel at any time during the day, when we are busy out of the house and going on with our lives. Gone are the days of waiting by the door or standing in line at the post office, waiting for our self-tracked packages to arrive late and mismanaged.

is a safe, trusted and insured company, granting us the assurance that our packages will get to us in perfect condition. Register the parcel online, wait for the text message saying that it has arrived, and the package is ready for pickup!

Lucky for you, Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick can give you the same services as we are a proud agent of ParcelPoint Australia!

What should I do?

Just visit their website at and they can provide you with four services:

  • Book a return

  • Shop and Collect

  • Track your Parcel

  • Find a Parcel

How to Manage your Packages with ParcelPoint Australia?

Book a return

This service is useful for times when our parcel arrives less than our preferred condition. Have a go at this service when you experience any damages to the packaging, have been sent the wrong item, or any sort of unhappiness with the purchase.

1.Click on the “Book a return” tab. 2. Type in the retailer you purchased from on the space provided or choose among the retailers listed below. 3. Once you’ve chosen a retailer, pick a ParcelPoint. This will reveal the address of the chosen agent, its store hours, and postage costs depending on location.

4. Next, input your retailer order ID, reason for return, and any additional details you might like to add. 5.Log in to your ParcelPoint account, or input your contact details: name, email, and mobile. 6. Check your email for confirmation and print out your label. If you don’t have a printer, some agents may print it out for you. 7. Take your package to Priceline Pharmacy with the printed-out label for return and pay for postage costs. 8.Now, wait for 3 – 6 working days till you receive an SMS saying your package has arrived the ParcelPoint store.

Shop and Collect

Need a safe, trusted and convenient way to shop online? Use this service for easy online shopping!

1. Shop on any online shopping website and place in your order.

2. Go to the ParcelPoint website and click on the “Shop and Collect” tab.

3. Type in your ParcelPoint agent’s location: Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick and select it once it shows up below.

4. Fill in the details about your parcel: online store website, order number and promotional code (optional). 5. Log in to your ParcelPoint account or input your contact details: name, email, and mobile. 6. Fill in the payment details: name of cardholder, credit card number, expiration date, and CVV/ Security Code. 7. Click on “register your parcel,” wait for the confirmatory email, and await the SMS telling you parcel has arrived!

Track Your Parcel

Once you have registered for pickup or a return, you will be able to track the location of your parcel. Simply, click on the “Track your Parcel” tab on the website and input your ParcelPoint reference/ Tracking ID or consignment number. After which, you will be guided to a page presenting the whereabouts of your package. Remember: you will be notified through SMS whether your parcel has arrived with the agent (shop and collect) or at the ParcelPoint store (returns).

Parcel Point Location Map

Find a ParcelPoint

If new to the area or unsure of the agents within your area, you can always look it up at the website.

Click on the “Find a ParcelPoint” tab and input your postal code or suburb: Priceline Pharmacy  West Brunswick.

You can choose between a location for returns and pick “Drop Off Locations,” or a location for pick up and choose “Click and Collect Locations.” Note: Not all ParcelPoints have both return and pickup services. Your chosen ParcelPoint should be listed below when you type in its address on the space provided to be sure it has either one of these services.

Your selected store will then be presented on a Google Maps widget below, including its exact address and store opening and closing times.

General Instructions

Since we have limited space in the pharmacy to accommodate big parcels, we can only accept parcels with the following dimensions:

Size: 33cm x 14cm x 15cm (LxWxH) in cubic dimensions

Max. Weight: 3 kg

When sending multiple parcels, they all need individual labels and bookings. If you change your mind about your package, you can return to any store after. You don’t need to go to the same store you picked up it from.

Your package will only be held by the agent for 14 days, otherwise, it will be sent back to the sender. Don’t forget to bring an ID when at pick up.

NOTE: If you type in “Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick,” and you will see us on the list!

For any concerns or inquiries, head over to our store at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick and find out what we can do to help you manage your future parcels!