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Whooping Cough Vaccination

$50  (inc. vaccine + vaccine administration)

You can protect yourself from the adverse effects of the disease with timely Whooping Cough Vaccination. At Priceline Pharmacy, we have qualified professionals who can administer the whooping cough vaccine to you.

To know more about this service, head over to the pharmacy so we can give you a whole scope of advice about Whooping Cough Vaccine.

For further information on how to, please click the link below.

Whooping Cough Vaccine

Parcel Point Service

Parcel Point Service in West BrunswickWe are a proud Parcel Point agent in West Brunswick. Through this service, you can now have your parcel delivered in good condition here at the pharmacy. This gives you the handiness of picking up our parcel anytime of the day.

To know more about this service, head over to the pharmacy so we can help you process your future parcels. For further information on how to, please click the link below.

Parcel Point Agent Service

Blood Test for Omega 3


Omega 3s are good fats essential for health. How do we know if we don’t have enough levels of omega-3s in the bloodstream? Here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, we can have your blood analysed to know your levels of Omega 3s. Have a visit to the Pharmacy and speak to us regarding your condition

or health habits in terms of getting Omega-3s in your diet.

Omega 3s: Are you getting enough of it?

Flu Vaccinations

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Flu vacinnationPrice: $19.95

Don’t let the flu stop you. Get your flu vaccine from Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick. Our qualified Pharmacists are able to administer the flu vaccine from Monday to Friday. Pop in store for a walk in appointment, or make a booking online

Breast Pump Hire Service

Breast Pump for Hire ServicePrice: $300 deposit |$95 rental fee per month

Breast Pump Hire is one service offered by Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick for lactating mothers who are having difficulty in nursing their baby. Learn how to use this hospital grade breast pump with the provided guidelines and check out how to avail this service from us.

To know more about this service and guidelines to use this machine, please click the link below.Also included are some helpful advice on how to store breast milk and how to feed your baby with collected breast milk.

Breast Pump Hire Service for Lactating Mothers

Passport Photo Service

Passport AustraliaPrice: $17.99 for a sheet of 8 photos (standard AUS size)

A properly taken Passport Photo ID is an essential element in acquiring your passport. In compliance, it is strictly important to consider some guidelines set by the Australian Government. Should you need this one for your convenience? We’ve got you covered with our Passport Photo Service right here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick.

Available Time: Store hours

To know more about this service and some guidelines to follow:

Passport Photo Service at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick

SMS Script Reminders


Sign up to Sister Club Health Plus and let our friendly local Priceline Pharmacists help you manage your repeat prescriptions in-store. Get a SMS before your script is due !

Womens Health Check

Only $9.95 for Priceline Sister Club members! Regular price $19.95. Are you a Priceline Sister Club member yet?

Discuss your diet, exercise and smoking habits and get some handy tips. Cholesterol Test Breast check instruction Blood pressure reading Anaemia screening Weight evaluation

Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM)


The RUM Project provides the safest and easiest way to dispose of unwanted and out-of-date medicines. It makes possible the return of all household medicines to our pharmacy at anytime – for free !

Signing & Witnessing of Documents

FREE! But a donation to Charity is appreciated!

We love signing documents and witnessing signatures! Our primary role in the Pharmacy is to care for our patients, we sign a maximum of 4 signatures!

Anaemia Screening


A pin prick blood test to establish haemoglobin levels. This can indicate if there’s a risk of anaemia.

Iron test gives you an idea of your iron level and may help recognize problems with iron deficiency or overload.

Iron Test

Cholesterol Checks


A blood test to determine total cholesterol. Please note: you do not need to fast for this test. Why the need for this test? It is crucial to know whether or not you have high levels of cholesterols. High cholesterol levels are the risk factors for heart disease.

Total Cholesterol Test Service

Crutches for hire in West Brunswick

Crutches are used by those who have trouble walking due to pain, loss of one limb, weak muscles or instability of the lower extremities. It is essential to understand their functional design and how will it be of comfort for the patient using them. Pick the right type of crutches according to your needs.

$80 Deposit & $14/weekly rent

(Forearm Crutches) $70 Deposit  & $14/week rent

To know more about this service:
Please give us a call at 9380-9535 or you may come by at the pharmacy and speak to our Pharmacist or Pharmacy Assistant.
Know more about crutches, please click the link below.

Medical Certificates For Up To 2 Days


Our Pharmacists are able to issue Medical Certificates for up to two days. No appointment necessary. Issued in accordance with evidence requirements under section 103(7) of the fair work act 2009. Click the link below to know more about this.

Medical Certificate for Sick and Carer Leave

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