Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Treatment Melbourne 

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has a great range of CPAP Machines & Accessories at the best prices. If you are exploring for the best Obstructive Sleep Apnoea treatment, our team of Sleep Specialists will step you through everything a beginner will need to know to help manage your condition.



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So, what are the best obstructive sleep apnoea treatment options?

Lets recap what Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is: It is a sleep disorder where a person’s upper airway repeatedly collapses causing them to stop breathing for a period of 10 seconds or longer.

Some common symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea include

  • LOUD persistent snoring
  • Gasping for breath
  • Poor concentration during the day
  • Waking up feeling tired

The BEST Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Treatment involves the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machines.

Sleep Apnoea is a dreadful disease that impacts not only your health, but also that of your partner.

These prevent the upper airways to collapse during sleep by providing a flow of air through the nose and or mouth by the use of a specialised mask connected to the right CPAP machine.

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Ready to explore obstructive sleep apnoea treatment options?

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Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick have a TEAM of Sleep Specialists who will help you through the treatment journey.

The Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Treatment Process


1. Perform a home Sleep Test

2. Results and recommended treatment options are discussed

3.Trial of a CPAP Machine

4. Follow up appointments to help you use your device correctly

5. Purchasing your own CPAP equipment


Undoubtedly, CPAP machine is the ultimate obstructive sleep apnoea treatment for your overall health and wellbeing…

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Introducing CPAP Machine Hire in Melbourne

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If you are not sure if you are suffering from OSA, talk to our trained professional and take a OSA test from the comforts of your home…

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