• MediMate DAA Packing Service

    MediMate DAA Packing Service is here to help you manage multiple medications with ease. No more hassle in sorting your medications and you will never miss taking your medicine at the right time.

    MediMate DAA Packing Service

    What is MediMate all about?

    MediMate is the new DAA (Dose Administration Aid). Dose Administration Aids are medicine packaging systems designed to reduce unintentional non-adherence by simplifying the management of oral medicines. Such administration will aid in improving your medication adherence and thus health outcomes and quality of life.

    MediMate is the Priceline-branded term for a dose administration aid (DAA). Typically, DAA is done in a blister packet like to allow patients or to anyone you’re looking after to take their mediciation at the right time.

     One great thing about the MediMate service is it actually comes in a sachet form as well, which we tend to prefer. The sachet is very handy in size and has all the details printed on there. If you’re taking a couple of medications, you can actually tear your dose off for the day and put it in your pocket you can actually travel with it

    Any individual is able to use MediMate DAA Packing Service at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick.

    The Importance of MediMate DAA Packing Service

    Here are the reasons why it is time to get DAA packing service for yourself.

    1. Your medication is precisely packed

    2. The sachet is laser scanned for accuracy

    3. It saves your time sorting your medicines

    4. You can have your meds delivered at your door or made ready for collection

    5. It is very portable and handy

    6. It is easy to take with you wherever you go.

    Sachet packing is faster, cheaper and more accurate than
    blister packing, and is now the global standard for driving
    medication packing growth.

    Whilst some existing DAA patients are change resistant and welded to a blister pack, new patients are much more amenable to sachet packs. It is the electronic scan checking of sachet packs that provides an extremely low error rate of 1 in 10,000. The error rate for manual blister packing in a pharmacy is reputedly as high as 1 in 10 if ‘jumped tablets’ are

    Benefits of DAA Sachets

    DAA sachet packaging:

    -Improves the quality of your life via improved medication adherence

    -Simplifies complex medication taking regimens

    -Prevents accidental overuse or misuse

    -Time saving

    -OTC medications and vitamins can be packed

    -Keeps medications secure at all times

    -Ensures accurate and current medications for your needs

    -Easy to transport and travel with

    -Easy to administer

    How to Request for a DAAPS Sachet DAA?

    Have a talk with your local Priceline pharmacist about MediMate today. You will need to undergo a quick registration process and you will be asked for contact details and other necessary information regarding your condition.

    Once you’re signed up and your profile and medication is in the system, you may agree on the start date and delivery.

    How Do I Sign Up to MediMate DAA Packing Service (DAAPS) Program?

    How do we deliver the DAA pack to the patient?

    The following options are available to patients:
    • Patient collection in store;
    • Home delivery by car;
    • Home delivery by post.

    Here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, our home delivery service is set every Monday and Wednesday. Delivery within a 1km perimeter radius is FREE whilst delivery up to 5 km away will cost you $10. Call us for a quote if you live more than 5 km.

    Payment Options

    The following payment options for MediMate DAA Packing Service may be considered by patients:
    • Payment at pick-up, if collecting prescription in store.
    • Transacted to an account.
    • Manual credit card payment (credit card details to be provided over the phone).
    • Cash on delivery.
    • Direct debit (BSB and account number provided to the customer via email, SMS or PLP App
    message. It is not recommended to provide these details over the phone due to possible
    • Payment via the App – further information to follow.

    How much will it cost me per pack per week?

    The cost of a DAA is $6.60 a week- indexed with the price of a PBS prescription. There is one OFF $15 Setup Charge to get everything ready. The lead time will take a couple of weeks to set the packing for you.

    In Sachet or In Blister Pack?

    We can organise your medications either in a sachet or in a blister pack. There’s a common misconception that if you’re using one of these dose administration aid systems that you need to be taking lots and lots of medicines, or you need to be elderly. We, in fact, encourage everybody to use one of these, even if you’re not an elder yet, and you’re taking multiple regimes of supplementation, like natural medicines.

    Come in and speak to us because we can make it easy for you to pack when you take your supplements and at different times. We make it so convenient for you so you won’t miss a single pill.

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