We Do Medical Certificate Issuance
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What is there to do when you don’t show up for work due to illness?
Worry not! Here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, we’ve got the right people to do medical certificate issuance for minor ailments. Read on to see how!

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You will need an official statement stating your absence was legitimately due to sickness to make your sick/ carer leave valid. This Priceline medical certificate can be issued by either a pharmacist, for minor ailments, or a physician, for major ailments.

Available Service Time: Store hours

Price: $27.95
(Validity Period: 2 days)

We will only issue certificates in relation to the condition/s our pharmacist is qualified to asses.

According to the Fair Work of 2009, a pharmacist can issue certificates only for two valid reasons:

1. A minor illness/injury (based on the pharmacist’s level of expertise) for a Personal Leave.

2. A need to care for an ill family/household member for a Carer’s Leave.

A thorough interview will be conducted prior to the issuance of the certificate and will only be given when, by the pharmacist’s professional opinion, it is clear that you are unfit for work or taking care of someone ill at home.

Who may benefit from Medical Certificate Issuance for Sick/Carer Leave?


If you are a “federal system” employee with an illness/injury or with a household member in need of immediate care, then you find this service useful.

To be considered as a “Household member in need of care,” they must be either of the following: A spouse, de facto partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling of the employee.

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Medical Certificate for Sick/Carer Leave Service,

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➢How your medical certificate is issued?

Priceline Medical Certificate Sample

Important guidelines you need to know:

Medical certificates, whether issued by a physician or a pharmacist, are considered legal documents. Any form of falsification or irresponsible usage will put the issuer liable. The following are the Must’s and Must Not’s of the contents of the Priceline medical certificate that we service.

What should be written on the medical certificate?

 The following are the Must’s and Must Not’s of the contents of the Priceline medical certificate.


    Must’s and Must Not’s
    in a Priceline Medical Certificate

    • Must be legible

    • Must be written with a letterhead

    • Must be in plain English (no jargon nor abbreviations)

    • Must be based on facts known by the pharmacist (reported consultation and observed)

    • Must contain the date of certification

    • Must contain the days the person is unfit to work

    • Must not be backdated

    • Must not be dated for a day other than the date the person presented to the pharmacist and a consultation was conducted

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Medical Certificate of Sick/Carer Leave?

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For more information and guidelines on Medical Certificate,

Visit the Pharmaceutical Society Australia

Website: www.psa.org.au

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