Medela Breast Pump

Are you experiencing difficulties in breastfeeding your child? Switching to a breast pump as your second option might be very helpful.

Medela Breast Pump Hire is a hospital grade machine that you can rent from us. This service we offer is ideal for lactating mothers who are having the hard time nursing their babies due to some unavoidable reasons. This breast pump is technically designed to meet your specific needs throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding is highly recommended by healthcare professionals but if you think that you are in need of this machine, you can come by at the pharmacy and speak to one of our Pharmacists or Pharmacy Assistants on how to avail of this service.

Medela Symphony Electric Breast Pump

Breast Pump for Hire Service

$400 Deposit upon Rent

$150 Monthly Rental Fee

Want to hire a breast pump?

This is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping. At Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, We carry 6 Units of Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pumps for your using pleasure! There is a $400 Deposit upon rent, which would be returned to you after you’ve given back the machine, and a $150 Rental Fee for every month the machine is in your possession.

If you have any inquiries on how to rent Medela Breast Pump, 
just hit the button below to contact us.

Who are Breast Pump for?

Some mothers, no matter how much they want to breastfeed their babies, can’t do it personally due to certain restraints. When the mother is away or unable, breast pumping the accumulated milk produced by the mother beforehand and feeding the baby through an artificial medium may be helpful.

The pump set includes a PersonalFit Breast Shield in medium size.  There are additional sizes that are available separately and they range from small to extra extra large fitting.

Medium(M)= 24mm

Medium(M)= 24mm

Ready to Hire?

If you have any inquiries on how to rent Medela Breast Pump,  just click the button below to contact us. Or come and visit us here at Priceline.