• How to Match Your Makeup with Your Outfit

    How to Match Your Makeup with Your Outfit

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I like having cohesion in the things I wear. I choose my makeup based on the outfits I put on, and let me tell you, putting two-and-two together will really amp up your entire look. For so long I’ve searched and searched the net for answers to these questions: “What colour of lipstick do I wear with my gown tonight”, or “what eye look is appropriate for my romper tomorrow at brunch”? I wasn’t just looking at matching colour, but also matching styles. Do I go for a matte red lip with my boyfriend jeans and white button down? If you’re as curious as I am, let’s help each get to the bottom of this.

    Pop of Colour plus Accent Colour

    By ‘Pop of colour,’ I’m pertaining to a highlighted item of makeup. The ‘Accent Colour’ would be its counterpart on your fashion ensemble. Now, matching clothes: top, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, in itself, can easily go overboard. What more when you go for a monochromatic look. Instead of having each of the colours you see on your outfit be featured on different parts of your face (yikes!), choose one Accent Colour on your outfit, and use the SAME shade and colour on your face as a Pop of Colour. Pick just ONE colour! Say you have a black dress and red heels, go for a bright red lip! If you’ve got on a floral dress, pick among the colourful flowers to wear as an eyeliner! The trick to this technique is to first look at your outfit and pick which colour stands out among the others and use it as inspiration for your makeup look.

    Choose a Feature to Highlight

    It usually isn’t advisable to use the same colour on your entire face or use just any random colour to play up your eyes and lips. And doing all this with an already loud outfit? Unspeakable! You’ll look like you just came from the set of “The Greatest Showman”! (Well, I mean, I wouldn’t mind but…) To be able to actually wear your match ups out, be humble, and pick your asset. If you think you have luscious lips, go big and go bold with a colour to go with your bright belt! Maybe you have were blessed with natural sultry eyes? Dawn on a pop of colour in your inner corners! Just keep in mind that “less is always more.”

    Complement Colours

    Remember that colour wheel from art class back in 2nd grade? How each colour has a corresponding complement, opposite its position on the wheel? Well, now’s the time to bring it out again as this technique calls for a little colour science! The Colour Theory Colour Wheel presents the basic colours of the rainbow in a diagram showing their relations to one another.

    The complement of your colour choice would be the colour opposite it on the wheel; however, choosing adjacent colours to that complement may also be a good alternative. And for me, a better one, as it is typical to go for the exact complementary color. The colours on the wheel also harbor the most basic form of the colour. Don’t be afraid to explore the spectrum and use darker or pastel versions of the colour you choose. Below are some examples of colours you can match up!

    Colour wheel

    I mentioned earlier how you can pick a standout colour from your outfit and use it that same colour on your face. In this technique, you can choose either a statement colour or undertone from your outfit and use its complement on your face instead! Be very cautious in doing this though! If the colour you choose from your clothes is too loud, choose a more muted alternative on your face. Some pairings can take you back to the 80s with a single stroke!

    1.Gold Gown and Burgundy Lips

    Yellow and violet are complements of each other on the colour wheel. This is an example of going for more wearable colours while sticking to the matchy-matchy feel. Gold comes from the yellow family, while burgundy is a darker and warmer version of violet.

    2.Black Get-up and Hot Pink Lips

    It has always been a struggle for me to pair hot pink lips with anything. Going with a very neutral colour like black or white can practically go with anything, especially something as hard to pull off as hot pink.

    3.White Outfit and Nudey Brown Lips

    Go for natural and pure with earthy tones and white! Although white can go with any color, a nude brown mellows down your look if you don’t want to go for a popping and bright colour.

    4.Nude Lips and Satin Jewel Tones Gown

    Nude lips and jewel tone gown

    Seeing satin gowns has always been a personal pet peeve of mine, and I think I finally know why I’ve always found them so tacky! The makeup you pair with it… Lots of times I see girls at their prom sporting a satin gown, maybe emerald or amethyst, with a bright pink lip and smoked out gray eyeshadow. Girl. No. Okay, well if that’s what you like, who am I to stop you? I just think having a grand get up could use a little toning down when it comes to the face. Go for your smokey eye but opt for a neutral color that will only accent the eye’s contours with less shimmers and, NUDE. LIPS. With your eyes and gown calling for everyone’s attention, let your lips lie low and give your other features the attention they deserve!

    5.Brown Top and Blue Eyes

    The opposite of blue on the spectrum is actually orange, and brown, now stay with me, is a “deeper” yellow. I’m no expert on color theory but, according to the wheel, it is! And when you look at it, blue does really pop when paired with brown. Pairing a true brown with a bright, electric blue will really make your whole ensemble standout. This is also an example of using adjacent colors to the compliment as your matching color.

    Mixing Fabric Textures with Product Texture

    Playing with makeup product textures like glittery eyeshadows and glossy lips can add the slightest detail you need to your complete look. Also, each finish will garner you a different feel entirely. Choosing a tint over a matte lipstick can take your look from casual to formal even when wearing the same little black dress. Just as different fabrics create the formality of a look, lipstick finishes can too. I’d recommend pairing a glossy lip with more everyday wear looks like a t-shirt or a Sunday dress and reserve matte lips for more structured pieces like long satin gowns.

     Always Match to your Complexion

    This one’s specifically for lipstick as it is more forgivable to explore eyeshadow and liners. You may have noticed, I mostly emphasized on playing up lippies when matching. Well, that’s just because it’s the easiest and safest way you can get the cohesive, wearable look we’ve all been so earnestly researching on. I’m sure you’ve seen ladies on the red carpet fashioning a tangerine frock with a bright orange lip. There is a reason why celebrities look flawless, whether at a formal event, the big screen or just random shots from paparazzi’s. It’s because their makeup artists know how to make them look good. I mean, they don’t just look at what shade of colour looks good on their faces, but their entire look. And, I bet you, this is their secret: They studied their undertones (not just for foundation!) There are three universal undertones you could have: yellow, pink or neutral. Yellow undertones will pop with peachy, reddish and warmer shades. Go for that orange lippie combo! Pink undertones look great in mauve, blue based reds and cooler shades. Rock that Angelina Jolie look with the red lippie combo! For a neutral undertone, girl, you lucky. You can work any shade and still look great, no fuss!

    Colour family

    Stay within the Same Colour Family

    If you really want to go for that full-on monochromatic look, complete with lips, eyes, and outfit, let me tell you another secret. This style has always been looked at as tacky or extreme, not for everyday or a night out. But there is a way my friends! First, choose a colour that is MOST flattering to you, (Remember your undertones!) and put together an outfit highlighting that colour. Now for your face, I’d suggest using minimal or light makeup for this ensemble. Using the colour of your outfit as a guide, pick a different shade of your chosen colour for your eyes and lips, either a deeper, lighter, or mixed in with another colour type of shade. Say you’ve chosen a pastel purple top, you can pair it with a deeper mauve for the lips and use a matte lavender shade mixed in your creases to contour the eyes. To add a little flair, maximize your highlighter and glosses, and play around with them. I promise, you’ll still walk out of your house as chic as can be!

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