• How do I apply makeup before the gym?

    How do I apply makeup before the gym?

    Makeup before workoutWe all need to exercise to keep looking our best, and looking good at the gym is no exception. It’s not a great idea to head to the gym with a full face of makeup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best while you’re sweating it out! Here are some handy tips that you can take with you in your gym bag for your next workout session.

    There are two camps when it comes to makeup and working out at the gym: the no makeup camp and the makeup camp. Some prefer to go bare-faced and sweat it out. Others prefer to wear some makeup, just to cover up any imperfections and feel their best during a workout.

    Sometimes, as a woman, it’s hard to win when dealing with the attitudes of those around us. Some will look at you with your no-makeup bare faced look and think “Hm. Maybe she should have taken the time to do herself up a bit.” On the flip side, some will look at you with your flawless makeup and think you’re trying too hard to be eye-candy when you should be concentrating on working out. Where is the happy medium? Does it exist? What is the level of makeup that will make you feel most comfortable while working out? The truth is, we need to do what’s best for us, and ignore what everyone else thinks. If you’re comfortable sweating it out with a bit of it on, it’s your choice. Conversely, if you want to go sans makeup, it’s your workout, your rules. Ignore the haters and do it your way. You’ll enjoy your gym session that much more if you’re comfortable in your own skin.

    Advantages of wearing no makeup to the gym

    For those of you who prefer the bare-faced look, it does have its advantages. Some will not be comfortable without it, but if that’s your thing, more power to you. The advantages of a clean face at the gym is no clogged pores! Exercising in heavy makeup makes it more likely that you will end up with blackheads and clogged pores if you’re not careful. You don’t want to be working out only to find your face breaking out after a sweaty session. The other advantage is that you have nothing to sweat off while working out. Some of you will be more prone to sweating than others, so this should be a factor in deciding what kind of makeup to wear to the gym.

    Advantages of wearing makeup to the gym

    Some of us don’t feel comfortable without a bit of a touch-up before the gym. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to wear layers of heavy eyeshadow and dark lipstick, as this wouldn’t be practical. It is, however, fine to look a little bit fancy while you go through your reps and sweat it out on the treadmill. You never know who you will see at the gym and a little bit of makeup can give you a confidence boost so you feel your best while maintaining your gym regime. I feel most comfortable when I’ve got a little bit of makeup on while I work out, however I don’t sweat like some people tend to do. Some of you will need something more heavy-duty if you sweat buckets during your workouts. The main advantage of wearing makeup to the gym is that you look good and feel good. The only challenge is finding  which kind of makeup is gym proof so you can get on with your workout and glow in all the right ways. Some people may wonder who you’re trying to impress but the only person you need to impress is yourself. Let others have their opinions. You do your thing, and ignore what other people think!

    Gym proof your makeup

    Gym proof your makeupIf you’re not ready to go bare-faced into a workout session, you need to make sure you use the right one to ensure that you get the benefits of your products during your workout.

    Oil-free tinted moisturisers and BB cream

    Oil-free tinted moisturisers or BB creams are two great, lightweight options for your workout sessions. An added bonus is the SPF factor protection built into your tinted moisturiser or BB cream. We are always reading how important it is to wear sunscreen. Many gyms have walls of windows that flood the rooms with UV light. If you’re going to wear makeup to the gym, make sure that it contains a good SPF factor to protect your delicate skin from the sun’s rays. Things to look for in your tinted moisturiser are:

    A lightweight formula – you need to make sure your makeup is a lightweight formula that doesn’t clog your pores. You’ll know after your first session whether your tinted moisturiser is up to the task. Experiment with various brands until you find the one that is workout proof.

    SPF – wherever you work out, indoors or outdoors, sun protection is a daily concern. If you jog along the beach, it’s a no brainer that you should be wearing some kind of sun protection to protect yourself from UV rays. If you’re wearing sunscreen, you might as well be wearing a tinted moisturiser. A lot of tinted moisturiser brands are specially formulated to be less pore-clogging than the thick, sunscreen-only white creams we use at the beach. If you’re going to protect your face from the elements, there’s nothing to say you can’t add a tinted moisturiser to even out your skin tone while you protect your face from the daily barrage of UV rays.

    Antioxidants – when you work out, it can raise the level of free radicals in the body, which affects our skin as well as our bodies as a whole. To combat this, choose a tinted moisturiser that contains antioxidants. Your skin will thank you for it.

    Waterproof mascara

    Some puritans believe that no eye makeup is the way to go when working out. However, there are many brands of waterproof mascara that will keep your lashes looking long, strong and dark. If you are prone to heavy sweating around your eyes, you can opt for the “clear” mascara brands so if your eye makeup does run, nobody will notice.

    How do I make my eye makeup last the whole day?

    Clear and tinted lip balm

    There is nothing wrong with protecting your lips from the elements, especially when most gyms have industrial-sized fans that blow cold air in your face and dry out your lips. A beeswax-based lip balm, either in clear or with a hint of colour, will give you a confidence boost while keeping your lips moisturised and supple during your gym session.

    Mineral makeup

    Dusting makeupA light dusting of powdered mineral makeup can be just the thing to keep you from feeling bare-faced and exposed. Most of the brands contain a built-in natural sunscreen, due to their all-natural zinc content. Mineral makeup doesn’t clog the pores during a gym session like a heavy foundation tends to do. Make sure you find one with the most natural ingredients so you can do a quick dusting before your gym session.

    Medicated concealer

    If you only need a touch up, and you have a couple of blemishes, a good solution is to dab on a little bit of medicated concealer in the areas that need it, leaving the rest of your face makeup-free. You can fight blemishes while you sweat – just don’t forget to cleanse once you’re finished with your workout.

    Post-gym cleansing routine

    cleansing water for makeupThere are many products that can help you remove your makeup in a flash before hitting the showers. If you are pressed for time, you could try a few micellar cleansing wipes or a light herbal gel cleanser to clean off your skin and get it glowing. Even if you don’t wear makeup to the gym, it’s a good idea to do a post-workout cleanse, to make sure you clean your pores of all sweat, grime and debris.

    After gym cleansers to try

    Micellar water or micellar wipes
    Botanical face wipes
    Soothing cleansers formulated to combat redness
    Natural based cleansers with tea tree oil or eucalyptus to refresh the skin
    Blemish-fighting deep cleansing foam


    The best ways to remove makeup

    Dos and don’ts of gym makeup


    Clear or waterproof mascara
    Tinted moisturiser with SPF protection
    BB Cream
    Mineral makeup with zinc sunscreen
    Clear or tinted lip balm
    Medicated concealer for red spots and breakouts

    Note: remember to remove it after your workout and before you shower!


    Heavy eyeshadow
    Non-waterproof mascara
    Non-waterproof eyeliner
    Heavy or greasy foundation
    Glossy or sticky lipstick

    makeup before the yogaIt’s important to remove your makeup once you get back in the change rooms. A simple makeup wipe will remove all traces of sweat, makeup and bacteria from your workout so you can go into the shower with a makeup-free face, to make sure you keep your pores clear of dirt and debris. Whatever you do, don’t skip this important, pore-cleansing step.
    If you like to wear makeup to the gym (as many of us do), make sure you protect your skin from UV rays, keep it light and remove your makeup before you shower!

    Once you have showered and dressed, you can apply whichever makeup products you like and hit the town with clear skin and a clear conscience!

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