• Magnesium Benefits to Know

    Magnesium Benefits to Know

    Magnesium benefits are evidence based and one of its roles is its involvement in many biochemical processes in the body. It is a mineral that is essential for cells, energy production, protein synthesis, and nerve conduction and popularly known for its effects on muscle contraction and relaxation.



    Most of the magnesium in our body is in our bones and soft tissue. A lack of dietary intake of this magnesium and or a disruption in proper functioning on the body caused by stress (amongst other things) can lead to a deficiency of this mineral.

    It may be used as an adjunct to treat migraines, pre-menstrual stress, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.


    Magnesium benefits-How does this mineral work?

    As you know, I take a proactive approach and recommend all my patients a supplement with magnesium because it has so many beneficial effects.


    It helps with bone development strength – essential to being active.


    It is excellent for muscular complaints such as cramping. It relieves muscle tension and helps with restlessness and twitches. For those that exercise regularly, it aids muscle recovery.

    Heart and Blood Pressure

    Taking this mineral every day helps with cardiovascular disease on the cellular level. By playing a role in muscle contraction, it may help maintain blood pressure and normal rhythms of the heart.


    What should I look for?

    I recommend my patients take magnesium in the form of a powder. A powder form absorbs easily and quickly into the body. A dose of 300 mg every night is sufficient for optimal body functioning. Treatment of specific conditions will require a higher dose – check with your Pharmacist.


    Where do we get Magnesium?

    Magnesium source

    Magnesium is available at pharmacies as an over-the-counter supplement. But to prevent deficiency of this nutrient, it is also encouraged to include magnesium- rich foods in your diet. Some of the foods that provide this mineral are almonds, avocado, dark chocolate, Edamame, kidney beans, peanut butter, potato with skin, spinach, whole grain breads, yogurt and more.

    There’s also  Magnesium Optima Relax by Medlab that you can get via consultation with the Pharmacist. From there, your pharmacist will explain the magnesium benefits you can get from this practitioner medicine.

    Medlab Mg Optima Relax may assist with sleep, help with anxiety, reduce muscular aches and pains and may help reduce the frequency of migraines!

    Medlab Mg Optima Relax - Magnesium benefits
    Mg Optima Relax

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