Who put the bronze in bronzer? Or the light in highlight? None other than the Queen of Contour herself, Kim Kardashian of course!  Since being featured on the cover of Vegas Magazine in 2008, Kim’s signature “bronzey and glowy” look has grown to be a classic for aspiring It girls all over the world. For over a decade, this look has opened the makeup scene to a plethora of contour powders, bronzers and highlighters, all in hopes of girls (and boys!) like you slaying the streets with chiseled jawlines and blinding cheekbones just like Kim. Today, we’ll be learning exactly how Kim and her world-renowned makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, manages to appear sun-kissed no matter the season!

    Kim Kardashian makeup look

    Get the makeup signature “Bronzed and Glowy” Look as told by Kim and Mario

    Step 1: Setting the base

    Kim says…

    • If you had a long day and experienced the inevitable “makeup-sleep-in,” she recommends keeping a stock of makeup wipes for easy cleansing on the go.
    • She swears by the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming especially when travelling.
    • To keep the glow on all day (and into the night), she starts off her base by applying an illuminating primer followed by a moisturizing gel.
    • She uses the Guerlain Meteorites Base Perfecting Pearls as her primer and the La Mer The Perfecting Treatment as her moisturizer.



    Mario says…

    • He recommends an “emollient moisturizer” to soften the skin before applying foundation. He’d rather use this type of moisturizer to help blend the foundation into the skin instead of a primer that just sits atop the skin.
    • A good example would be the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

    Kiehl's Facial Cream

    Step 2: Makeup Foundation

    Kim and Mario say…

    • Apply foundation first on the back of the hand before applying it to the face. They say this step warms up the product for easier application and blending later. Warming products first will more likely be absorbed into the skin and mingle with other products better.
    • They also like to apply foundation everywhere! Kim mentioned how she always remembers to cover her lips and the back of her neck. Mario also sees to it that no pink skin is peeping through any of the makeup.
    • When blending in foundation, Mario prefers pressing the makeup into the skin. He’d pressed a bit of warmed foundation into his beauty blender and continue pressing the product onto Kim’s face.
    • The Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda used to be her go to, but sadly it got Giorgio Armani Foundationdiscontinued (boooo!) Although, a YouTuber cult favorite called the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is a good alternative to keeping radiant without sacrificing the luxury.


    Step 3: Conceal and Powder

    Kim says…

    • She is very keen on the application of her concealer. It must be perfect every time to achieve that flawless base. She can’t let her mentor down, can she?
    • First, she’d take a small flat brush and apply a slightly lighter toned concealer to hide the discoloration under her eyes and high light parts of her face. Her strategy is to create a big inverted filled in triangle down the sides of her nose, her under eyes and the upper border of her cheekbones.
    • Then she’d take the concealer down her nose and target certain fine lines to fill them in and leave a smooth base.
    • After which, she’d spray her beauty blender with a face mist like the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and takes her time in blending in the product.Concealer
    • She’ll then dust a light layer of powder to set the rest of her face, sparing the undereye area.
    • Her undereye area requires special attention since her Armenian heritage leaves her with darker under eyes than the average person. She counters this by using two toned powders: one yellow and one pink to brighten and further correct the darkness.


    Mario says…

    • To achieve concealer that won’t budge, you need to do the “Sandbagging Effect” – or in 2017 — bake.
    • After you have applied a thick amount of concealer (like the technique Kim uses), layer on a heavy amount of brightening powder and continue with the rest of the face makeup.
    • When applying powder, remember to use the same pressing technique used to put on foundation.
    • He also suggests using a tinted powder instead of a translucent one to further even out the skin tone.

    Step 5: Contour and Blush

    Kim says…

    • She loves looking bronzey and glowy and, that if she could have only one makeup product it’d be contour – no du’h!
    • Using a moderate amount of powder bronzer on her ever-faithful kabuki, she applies the powder in a “3 formation”: on the perimeter of her forehead (close to the hairline), down to the hollows of her cheeks then down to her jawline. All three lines are connected giving the appearance of a “3.”
    • She’ll then blend the product in with the same brush in circular motions toward the hairline.
    • Next, using a lighter contour powder, she expertly lines the sides of her nose making sure to shade in the tip for a cute button like schnoz.
    • Lastly, she’ll contour her eyes! With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, she buffs some bronzer on the creases of her eyes and uses a flat shader brush to do the same on her lower lash line. This is vital in getting that sultry smokey eye she’s known for.
    • For her blush, she likes using a universally flattering one on the apples of her cheeks like Nars’ Orgasm. She also faintly dusts this on her forehead, the bridge of her nose and her chin.

    Concealer tricks

    Mario says…

    • He opts for a matte bronzer on the hollows of the cheek bones to contour from the top of ear going down to the jaw line. This will frame the face.
    • Don’t use shimmer all over–looks muddy
    • Nose contour is tough to master. It takes practice and experimentation depending on your own nose. The choice of contour shouldn’t be too warm, nor should the brush/ tools used be too fluffy or precise.
    • He likes to concentrate blush on the apples of the cheeks and slightly blend it upward to connect to the bronzer.

    Remember: It’s all about the blending!

    Step 6: Brows

    Kim says…

    • Her brow routine consists of visiting Anastacia of Anastacia Beverly Hills to keep her brows at bay. But for quick touch ups on the daily, she’d fill her brows with a brow pencil and comb a brow gel to keep the hairs in place.
    • The Anastacia Beverly HillsTinted Brow Gel easily gets her that put together look.


    Mario says…

    • When it comes to brows, old school brown eyeshadow can get the job done.
    • On Kim’s brows specifically, he likes to focus on extending the outer tails since it creates an illusion of extended eyes.
    • Without dipping back into the pan, use the excess powder to fill in the beginning of the brow.
    • Lastly, set the brow hairs in place with a clear brow gel.

    Tinted eyebrow gel


    Step 7: Shadow and Liner

    Kim says…

    • She doesn’t use very specific eyes shadow techniques for this step. Applying a simple shimmer to her lids and buffing brown shadow (or bronzer!) on her eye contours gets her through the day.
    • She will, however, highlight her inner corners with shimmer!
    • She also prefers a sharp winged liner.

    Mario says…

    • He dislikes putting grey or cool toned shadows on the crease. Instead, use a warmer shadow on the crease and a smudged out smokey gray liner to get that cool toned look without the ashy effect.
    • Another tip when adding color to the crease is to use two to three colors. Start with the lightest color with a wider brush, diffused on the crease area. As you get to the darker colors, use a more precise brush and apply it closer to the crease. This creates a gradient effect making the shadows blend seamlessly on the skin.
    • He also likes warming the eyeliner on the back of his hands! When it’s time to apply it, he begins at the inner tear duct with a thin line and thickens the line as he approaches the outer eye. This lifts the eyes, giving a more almond shape.
    • There are two specific points he smudges eyeliner on: the upper outer corner and the lower outer corner. To complement this, he buffs a warm brown on the lower lash line to complete the blown-out look
    • For highlight, he strategically places shimmer on 3 places: ¾ of the eyelid starting from the inner portion, the brown bone and the inner corner.


    By the way, NOW you can dust off the bake!

    Step 8: Lashes

    Kim says…

    • Her simple shadows make room for her eye-popping Mascara routine. She makes use of two different mascara tubes when not using falsies.
    • First, apply the first mascara layer on both eyes. Then curl the eyelashes up with an eyelash curler.
    • Lastly, she likes to add a second layer of mascara using a different tube with a “tiny wand”. She also uses the same mascara to clump up her bottom lashes.


    Mario says…

    • When curling eyelashes, its best to do it in 3 pumps to maximize its curling potential. He says to target the center of the eyes.
    • On mascara application, slight pull on the upper eyelid to lift the lash line so the mascara wand will get into the roots of the eyelashes.
    • His favorite mascara comes from the drugstore! (Although, I’m not so sure if this product also has been discontinued – no fun) Nonetheless, be on the lookout for L’Oreal’sVoluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara.

    Step 7: Lips and Final Touches

    Kim says…

    • Her secret in getting bright under eyes is putting on a bit little highlighter. As how Kim says it “SNATCHED!”
    • A nude lip is the way to go with a heavy eye. Promoting her sister Kylie’s brand, she likes to keep Candy K in her everyday makeup kit.

    Mario says…

    • Nude lips is always the choice with played up eyes!
    • When overdrawing the lips, use a shade closest the natural color of the lips.
    • He uses two lipsticks: a lighter color on the inside, and a darker color on the outside. (Of course, he contours the lips too!)
    • For the final touch, mix a sheer bright lip gloss with a muted lighter lip gloss for a lip topper and, apply a highlight to the center of the lips in a champagne color.

    Kim Kardashian makeupSLAYY GIRL! Beach ready without the tan nor the sunburn. No need for sun tan lotion when you’ve got Mario and Kim, right?

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