• Are you iron deficient?

    Are you iron deficient?

    Do you easily feel tired or sleep? Do you feel dizzy or irritable at times? These symptoms can indicate that you are anaemic or iron deficient.

    Being iron deficient is an indication that your body does not absorb the required iron. Basically, symptoms are apparent when such iron deficiency has progressed to anaemia.

    Iron deficiency can be assessed through a very simple anaemia screening test or what we call- Anaemia Screening Test here in West Brunswick. It’s a fast and accurate, easy test that you’ll get an instantaneous result.

    DID YOU KNOW THAT……? People who have low iron levels are deficient in Vitamin B12?

    Just a prick of blood is needed to determine your iron levels!
    Iron deficient screening test

    Iron Testing Service in West Brunswick

    The test to conduct will require a simple prick of blood. With a little blood sample collected, we put it into the machine. The standard levels are at 12.9. If your iron levels were kind of lower than that level point, we provide different options on how to deal with that number.

    We help you achieve your iron optimal level through consultations on different kinds of supplements you may be needing.  When it comes to supplementing your iron levels, the most important thing we take into consideration is to find what effectively works for you and to provide the invaluable consultations you will surely need.

    How to bring your iron levels back to normal levels

    *Include iron-rich foods in your diet.

    *Prepare and take foods that can help increase the absorption of iron in your body.

    *Take some iron supplements in liquid or chelate form.

    *For extreme cases, a blood transfusion may be necessary depending on your condition


    In selecting your iron supplement, find out what works for you by consulting a pharmacist.

    Iron Chelate:

    The body recognises iron as a bigger compound and it passes it through a bigger channel so then there’s less iron sitting on the top of our guts. Which in turn stops that any sort of side effects like gas spasm constipation or diarrhoea. Iron that is not well absorbed can cause irritation to our gut.

    Go with Vitamin C or Vitamin B with your Iron.

    These energy-boosting vitamins help facilitate absorption of the iron into our system. We may not get much iron from the food we eat or some of it may not be absorbed into the bloodstream, taking Vitamin C or B will help.

    Have a Regular Iron Check Up

    To regularly check if iron levels are within the range it is recommended to have a test every 3 months or so. This will be an indicator of whether or not your iron medication is working for you.

    Curious enough to know how the test is done? Please visit us and speak with our Pharmacist here at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick and we’ll help you out.

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