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  • How Often Should I Have Cholesterol Test?

    How Often Should I Have Cholesterol Test?

    1 in 6 Australians suffer from heart disease, 1 Australian die every 12 minutes because of heart-related problems.

    Usually, high cholesterol has no symptoms, most of the people aren’t aware of there high blood cholesterol.

    A simple blood test can make you aware of the body’s cholesterol levels and heart health.

    Do you need doctor’s recommendation for the cholesterol check?

    Not really, anyone whose age is 20 years or above can have their cholesterol test. Because of no symptoms, even a healthy body should get their cholesterol levels checked in every fixed period.

    Getting your cholesterol levels checked should be a routine activity. You can do this with or without a doctor’s recommendation.

    How Often Should Cholesterol be Checked?


    How often should one individual have cholesterol tests is a common query from most of the patients. To get the cholesterol levels checked depends on the different scenarios.

    • If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol
    • Whether you age between 20-40
    • Whether your age is 40 or above.

    Doctors recommend a cholesterol test every 3 months for those who are already diagnosed with have high cholesterol and triglycerides. The frequent test helps the patients track the progress.

    If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol levels then its recommended that you should have cholesterol test after every 3 months. It will allow you to track the progress.

    People who are above 40 years of age should get their test done every year. While we age, the risk of suffering from high cholesterol rises as well.

    People who are between 20-40 years of age should get tested in every 4 years. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, thousands of young population is also suffering from cardiac disease.

    Your doctor or pharmacist will explain what your cholesterol levels mean and can discuss treatment options if blood cholesterol levels are rising.


    Factors that Lead to Heart Diseases:

    How often to take cholesterol test
    Heart Health Check

    A person should never neglect the cholesterol level if any of the factors are true.

    • Improper diet: Red meat, dairy products, processed food contains a lot of trans fat. If you are into regular consumption of unhealthy food items then you should get your cholesterol level periodically.
    • Obesity: Being fat is also making you more vulnerable to heart disease. Having a BMI of more than 30 may put you on the risk of high bad cholesterol levels.
    • Lack of exercise: Regular exercise doesn’t just make you look good but it also helps in boosting good cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein) levels. If you are someone who has an all-day sitting job then you need to plan about your heart health.
    • Active smoker: Everyone is aware of the fact that smoking on a regular basis damages blood vessels. To add, it is also making the blood vessels more prone to the accumulation of fats. Smoker has a higher risk of blocked arteries.
    • Aging: Functioning of body changes with age. There is a steep rise in risk of heart disease as body age. People who are more than 40 years old should get their cholesterol level check on a yearly basis.
    • Chronic diseases: People suffering from other chronic diseases like Thyroid, Hypertension, Diabetes, Family history of high cholesterol or heart disease are also more vulnerable to having high cholesterol.  

    Where Should You Get It Checked?

    Priceline Pharmacy to get cholesterol checked
    Priceline Pharmacy in West Brunswick

    Your cholesterol test reveals a lot of information about your body’s internal health. Therefore, it is always advisable to get your test done at a trusted pharmacy or pathology.

    Only a handful of the pharmacies in Melbourne possess the latest technology to get the cholesterol report from blood samples.

    Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has introduced the most Accurate, Trusted and Instant Cholesterol Test With Globally Acclaimed COBAS B101 machine which provides a cholesterol report within 15 minutes.

    Every test costs only $25 and you don’t even need to fast before submitting your blood samples for the test.

    Overall high cholesterol is manageable and you can bring it down with the help of medication and lifestyle changes.

    Book your cholesterol test with us!

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