• How often do I get a flu shot?

    How often do I get a flu shot?

    Millions of people around the world are talking flu shots to strengthen their immunity against the influenza virus, but many of them are not sure about how often get a flu shot.

    Before we hop on the subject lets understand this type of vaccination first.

    Get a flu shot

    A flu shot is a vaccination that is built to develop the immunity against flu, but how exactly it is done? Flu shots are built with the help of inactive (killed) or single gene (weak virus) influenza virus. Once the body detects the presence of the virus (weak or inactive), the body starts the production of antibodies to respond to the infiltrators.

    So how often should I get the flu shot?

    You should get your flu shot every year, flu activity is usually highest in winters, you should get your yearly flu shot in the month of March to have active protection.  

    Why do you need to get it every year?

    Influenza virus is highly adaptable and they constantly adapt themselves with the changing environment. Scientists create the latest vaccinations every year to fight the latest variety of Influenza. A vaccine that has been taken previous year might not work now.

    Where to get it

    You should always get your vaccination done from pharmacies who administers the flu vaccine. Book your appointment at the best pharmacy available in Melbourne. The whole process will hardly take 20 minutes to ensure protection against influenza.

    Few things that you need to know before you get a flu shot

    Low-grade fever is okay

    There is no need to panic! If you experience body pain and low-grade fever, it’s a body’s typical response to the vaccine. These symptoms may last for a couple of days.

    Being sore is normal

    Another common side effect of the flu shot is the soreness, redness, tenderness, or swelling where the shot was given. Redness and swelling is your body’s automatic response to the foreign substance.  

    Flu activities are highest in winters and time of pre-winters is the right time to immune yourself from the virus. You won’t be getting an instant immunity against the disease. Expect a few days or weeks to develop a considerable shield against the virus.

    Pregnant women should definitely get it
    flu shot when pregnant

    Flu shots are especially beneficial for pregnant women, millions of women are provided with this vaccine to immune themselves and their newborn. Such vaccination helps in reducing the various complications related to pregnancy. Having flu while pregnancy may lead to fetal birth defects but having a vaccine while the pregnancy phase can keep the fever at bay.

    Flu shot won’t give you Flu

    It’s a common misconception that prevails, but a flu shot can never give you the flu. Flu vaccines are prepared with the use of a weakened or dead virus that triggers the body’s response against the disease. But that virus is not strong enough to give you flu.

    Get a flu shot from the pharmacy

    Before you book an appointment for the flu shot, always opt for a pharmacy that administers the flu vaccine.

    The body takes two weeks to develop immunity

    You can still get flu just after getting the vaccination, the reason is, your body requires some time to develop immunity against the disease. The body takes two weeks on an average to develop optimum immunity.

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