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      • 24 SEP 17
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      High cholesterol level, what’s the deal about it?

      High cholesterol level, what’s the deal about it?

      Approximately half of all Australians have a blood cholesterol level above the recommended value, making high cholesterol a major health concern for the Australian population. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is made naturally in the body and performed many important functions. It is essential to have cholesterol circulating throughout the blood-stream, and the

      • 18 SEP 17
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      Travel Medicines on the Go

      Travel Medicines on the Go

      One frequent question that we deal in the pharmacy is what medication should one be taking while traveling. Here we listed the top travel medicines that we always recommend. The 3 Travel Medicines on the Go 1. Probiotics First in the list is Probiotics. Probiotics are really useful in preparing your gut in an incidence

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    Women’s Health Check

    You’ll get to know and understand your body condition and HEALTH STATUS. With the assistance of our Pharmacist, you can discuss your diet, exercise and smoking habits and get some handy tips.

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    Medication Reviews

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