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    • 08 FEB 21
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    Dose Administration Aid

    Dose Administration Aid

    Do you often forget taking your medicines at the specified time? Do you have a family member who has difficulty managing his/her medicines? With a special dosing device called Dose Administration Aid or DAA, you will never miss taking a tablet! What is DAA? DAA(DOSE ADMINISTRATION AID)  is one of the services that your local

    • 02 FEB 21
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    MediMate DAA Packing Service

    MediMate DAA Packing Service is here to help you manage multiple medications with ease. No more hassle in sorting your medications and you will never miss taking your medicine at the right time. What is MediMate all about? MediMate is the new DAA (Dose Administration Aid). Dose Administration Aids are medicine packaging systems designed to

    • 30 NOV 20
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    How do I pick the right fake tan?

    How do I pick the right fake tan?

    The weather’s getting warmer and thoughts are turning to celebrations, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing with family and friends. Perhaps your friends are holding a beach party and you’ve just found the perfect bikini, complete with matching thongs so you don’t burn your feet on the sand. Everything seems perfect. Sunscreen. Check. Sunglasses and hat.

    • 29 OCT 20
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    In Australia, 1.7 million people suffer from diabetes, and a new Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes.  Poor dietary choices and the continuous consumption of processed and sugary foods often trigger this disease. Its long-term consequences include liver, kidney and pancreas problems, increased blood pressure, and circulation issues leading to edema in the

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women's health check

Women’s Health Check

You’ll get to know and understand your body condition and HEALTH STATUS. With the assistance of our Pharmacist, you can discuss your diet, exercise and smoking habits and get some handy tips.

Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews

We provide medication reviews to increase safety and effective medication use, and improve health outcomes for our customers.

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Home Delivery Service

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