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  • How often do I get a flu shot?

    How often do I get a flu shot?

    Millions of people around the world are talking flu shots to strengthen their immunity against the influenza virus, but many of them are not sure about how often get a flu shot. Before we hop on the subject lets understand this type of vaccination first. A flu shot is a vaccination that is built to

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  • Flu shot when pregnant

    Flu shot when pregnant

    Planning for a baby? If you are planning to have a baby then you must get your research done on the vaccines that need to be taken.    Planning ahead is an important part, in some cases, vaccines need to be taken before you before pregnant and in other cases, vaccines can be takes while

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  • Are You Iron Deficient?

    Are You Iron Deficient?

    Do you easily feel tired or sleep? Do you feel dizzy or irritable at times? These symptoms can indicate that you are anaemic or iron deficient. Being iron deficient is an indication that your body does not absorb the required iron. Basically, symptoms are apparent when such iron deficiency has progressed to anaemia. Iron deficiency

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  • Medscheck for Medication Safety

    Medscheck for Medication Safety

    Medscheck is a short, one- on- one consultation with the pharmacist where we go into our consult room and we sit down with you. And we go through all your medicines and make sure you use them properly. We explain to you what the different medications are useful. We just try and help you evaluate

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