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  • Food Intolerance

    Food Intolerance

    Food Intolerance- How much do you know about it? Our body has an immune response to certain food components that we take in through our diet. If you happen to be lactose intolerant, you may find that your body wants to wash the lactose out. So often, you develop gas stomach cramps, discomfort and eventually

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  • Why Use Blister Packs?

    Why Use Blister Packs?

    WHY USE BLISTER PACKS IN MANAGING YOUR MEDICATIONS What is a Blister Pack? BLISTER PACK is used as a tool to manage your medication. It is a seven-day blister pack individually labeled with your name including the date it was packed and checked by the pharmacist. Each individual cell or blister is labeled with the

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  • The 3 Common Mistakes in Using an Asthma Preventer

    The 3 Common Mistakes in Using an Asthma Preventer

    What is an asthma preventer used for? Every asthma patient should know these 3 common mistakes when using an asthma preventer. If these mistakes are not corrected, preventer medicines intake will not be maximised and will just be wasted. An asthma preventer is a medicine that makes the airways less sensitive. It reduces redness, swelling

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  • Why Do Script Takes 10 Minutes to dispense?

    Why Do Script Takes 10 Minutes to dispense?

    Dispensing a medicine is more than just sticking labels In dispensing a medicine, a pharmacist thoroughly takes the step process with accuracy and extra care. The health of the patient is at stake and therefore any mistakes must not occur. Before dispensing the medicine, the pharmacist takes a closer look at why the medicine has

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