• Why Omega 3 from Fish Oil?

    Why Omega 3 from Fish Oil?

    Omega 3 from Fish Oil: Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for optimum bodily function.  Our bodies do not produce enough omega 3s. For this reason, it is considered an essential fatty acid and a substance that needs to be consumed in our diet. The richest sources of omega 3s are derived from fish although

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  • CoEnzyme Q10-How does it work for you?

    CoEnzyme Q10-How does it work for you?

    Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance found in most of the body cells. CoEnzyme Q10 or commonly known as CoQ10 is a great supplement especially for people who are on Statin. Though it is naturally produced in the body, Statin can lower its level in the mitochondria. In most of the body cells there

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  • What to do if I have leaky gut?

    What to do if I have leaky gut?

    What is Leaky Gut? If you’ve heard the term leaky gut thrown around before from co-workers, family members, or just somebody in passing on your way to the grocery store, you know that it is becoming increasingly common among the current population. This is in part, because it is a condition practitioners understand better, and

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  • Am I getting enough Omega 3s?

    We are all aware of the importance of keeping up the levels of omega 3 in our diet, however, we are not always aware of the specific benefits of omega 3s and how they protect and nourish our bodies. Although we may try to include a range of foods containing omega 3s in our diet,

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