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  • Health Station in West Brunswick

    Health Station is a free health station that we have been using in the pharmacy since its installation. Key features of this Machine: It allows you to measure your blood pressure, your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat percentage, and heart rate. It will also go through diabetes pre-assessment score as well. 3 benefits

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  • How to deal with insomnia

    How to deal with insomnia

    Dealing with Insomnia On average, in Australia, every 1 in 3 people have trouble sleeping.  For many, it is a transitional phase, related to stress, change in career, relationship issues, differences in circumstances such as housing or finances, or due to things such as alcohol, drugs or poor diet. For 10% of the population though,

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  • Dealing with Hayfever

    Dealing with Hayfever

    Hayfever can flare up to any person anytime of the year depending on the substance an individual is allergic to. The classic sneezing, stuffed up nose, itchy, watery eyes and scratchy cough, are part of the seasonal routine for many people who suffer from hayfever.  Formally known as allergic rhinitis, hayfever is an inflammation of

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  • SMS Reminder Service

    SMS Reminder Service

      TAKING THE RIGHT MEDICINE AT THE RIGHT TIME gives a better result when medical compliance is strictly followed. One way to help you manage your medication is through our SMS Reminder Service. SMS Reminder Service is really handy for your prescriptions. How it works is basically one week before your prescription is due, our

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