Gluten Intolerance

Figuring out if you are sensitive to Gluten JUST GOT EASIER (and it makes you feel better!)

Dread eating out?
Think you might be sensitive to Gluten but not really sure?
You tried the ELIMINATION DIET but it got way too hard keep track of what you ELIMINATED? You have probably suspected yourself being intolerant to Gluten. All those nasty symptoms of bloating, feeling tired, unexpected visits to the bathroom, and the odd itchy red skin patch driving you up the wall!

Integrative Pharmacists are qualified to conduct a Food Intolerance test that may determine your sensitivity to gluten. All is needed is a finger prick of blood.

Not only does this test determine your intolerance to gluten, but also 40 other common foods that may be compounding the effects of gluten in your body!!

Gluten Intolerance test

The 6 Essentials of Natural Medicine

Gluten intolerance test involves healing the gut. Along with the test, the Integrative Pharmacist will work with you over 3 consultations to heal your gut from your previous exposure to gluten and other intolerant foods.

How Do We Heal Your Gut?


The Pharmacist will work with you to identify which foods you are intolerant to. Then he will show you the foods that your body needs to start the healing process. You may not realise how many food options you have that will help your body repair and thrive!


Depending on your symptoms, your pharmacist will recommend specific nutritional supplements tailored to your body to start the healing process. This may involve the use of aloe vera, glutamine, probiotics, and curcumin!


Lastly, your Integrative Pharmacist will coach you with regular check-ins via phone and 1 on 1 consultations. This wellness coaching is an invaluable part of the healing process, not only does it keep you on track, but our Integrative Pharmacists can tailor your wellness regimen to suit your lifestyle.

Get Ready To Ensure That You Are On The Path To Wellness

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