Where to Find the Pharmacy
that Does the Flu Shot?


Googling which Pharmacy that does the flu shot takes up so much time! Moving from review to review, and then when you find the right pharmacy, you call them to confirm, only to discover that they no longer have an accredited Pharmacist working there!

Many Pharmacies are so slow in updating their web presence the information on their website tends to go out of date FAST!

You feel overwhelmed by the idea of not finding a pharmacy that can vaccinate you - and you have serious second thoughts about attending a yellow and blue scrappy pharmacy to get your flu shot done...and your head is starting to hurt - Panadol and flu shot from the Pharmacy - Pronto! And then there is the small matter of getting there - Ugh!!! The parking!!!

Flu shot near me

Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is your solution to getting a flu shot from the Pharmacy. We have Accredited Pharmacists who are able to administer the flu shot 5 days a week. Our online booking system makes it super easy to schedule an appointment that suits you. Yes, we can take walk ins, just pop in and we will put you in the queue! Getting the flu shot in the Pharmacy is convenient, no script is required and generally the process takes about 20 minutes. Union Square Shopping Centre has plenty of FREE PARKING, so you can easily park and pop into the Pharmacy - hassle free!

The flu shot costs $24.95 and is available for adults over 16 years. Using a Pharmacy for your flu shot means that you don’t have to go to the Doctor’s Surgery - which, may have long wait times. Being vaccinated by a Pharmacist is a convenient option if you are unable to get to a Doctor’s Surgery. Its Convenient, cost effective, and you can carry on your merry day without a significant bump in your schedule!


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If you are here reading this, you probably are aware of the ill effects of the FLU. But, just in case you are on the fence in getting the flu from Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, we must remind you that the flu is an extremely contagious respiratory infection. The flu can cause complications such as pneumonia, and its best to protect yourself from the flu - MORE UPTIME to do the things you love without interruption.

The best time to get the flu shot is in Autumn.
This is before when the flu season usually starts. Usually you will find our Pharmacy administering flu shots from about March. Your body takes about 3 to 14 days to create antibodies to protect you from the flu for up to 12 months.

Get your Flu Shot from a Pharmacy that are the experts in patient care and in administering vaccines.

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