Getting Your Flu Shot
in Brunswick is Made Easy


When was the last time you got an injection?
Who can you trust in Melbourne to administer flu shots so that you are left feeling confident in knowing you have increased all your chances in side stepping getting the flu?

The last thing you want is to walk away with a totally bruised arm and annoying pain. You can’t concentrate, that tingling heaviness in your arm - you feel irritable and no amount of coffee can help you concentrate.

Getting Your Flu Shot in Brunswick

If you are scared of needles and getting vaccinated, you need to meet our team of Pharmacists at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick, who are Melbourne’s experts in administering the flu shot. Chances are, you may not feel a thing, you will be floating through the day like nothing ever happened to your arm!

Yes! Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is an accredited Pharmacy where you can get the flu shot in Brunswick. Each year many of our returning clientele from all over Melbourne book to get their flu shots in OUR pharmacy…. We shall get to WHY they do so in a moment, but lets run through how to survive your first flu shot.

The Process We Administer the Flu Shot

Preparation: Preparation is key, keep well hydrated during the day. If you are feeling unwell or have a cold, you still can be vaccinated. However, if you have a fever, we will not administer the flu shot.

Flu shot from the Pharmacy

Book your appointment at Priceline Pharmacy in West Brunswick. The whole process will hardly take 20 minutes to ensure protection against influenza.

You will be pleased to know that getting the flu shot in Brunswick where you will find Priceline Pharmacy is accessible. The vaccination takes only 5 minutes. That’s it. EASY. You need to fill out some paperwork, answer a few questions and if your are eligible, the Pharmacist will administer the flu shot. You may only feel a little pinch, typically akin to being bitten by a mosquito. Some tough people don’t feel a thing!

After you receive your flu shot, you are required to remain in the pharmacy for 15 minutes. This is a legal requirement! This observation period just ensures that in the unlikely event of you having a reaction to the vaccine, our team of trained health professionals will be there to help.



The highlight of your visit, apart from being protected from four strains of the flu, is that you have the option of having a jelly bean! You remember the jelly beans that you get from the pharmacy!? They are the absolute best!!

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccinations

Why do our clients return to us year after year to get their flu shots with us? We really get people coming from all over Melbourne to get their flu shots with us. It is because we are the experts at it, and as such have streamlined the experience to make it as smooth and efficient as possible for you.

We typically administer the flu shot 6 days a week. You don’t need a script, so you don’t need to goto the doctors and wait for long periods of time. Yes, you may have to wait in the pharmacy to get the vaccine, on average the wait time is about 10 minutes. So you don’t need a script, you can rock up to the pharmacy, be greeted by a warm and friendly retail team and get vaccinated by a happy, accredited Pharmacist. It is recommended you do make a booking, however, we usually can accommodate walk ins - Just walk in and say hi and we will do our best to help!

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So don’t waste time, book in for your flu shot at Brunswick’s premier pharmacy

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For inquiries, please fill out the form below and one of our staff will get in touch with you. Thank you for your interest in getting your Flu Shot done at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick.