Food Sensitivity Testing West Brunswick

“Would you like to take your relationship to the next level?”

“How a Couple Used a Totally Unexpected Idea to Strengthen their Bond.”

Reacting to the foods that you eat can place a strain on every relationship.
Being fearful of what to eat and not having the confidence to dine out can cause a real dampener to date night!

You needn’t worry about this anymore!
Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick offer Food Sensitivity Testing. Your sensitivity to certain foods may cause an immune response that manifests itself as BLOATING, DIARRHOEA and RASHES!

Undergoing a food sensitivity test with our Integrative Pharmacists will lead you to uncover some probable foods that your body is intolerable to. That means you can enjoy date night with confidence! Navigate the landscape of the menu by making intelligent food choices that are in harmony with your body.

The cost of the Food Sensitivity test is $250.
This includes the test and 3 consultations with an Integrative Pharmacist.

Why 3 consultations?
This is a journey to Wellness. Our Integrative Pharmacists discover the top foods you are intolerant too, BUT that is only the beginning!! We work to heal your gut, to repair the damage that may have been caused by years of eating food that you are sensitive to. By healing your gut, your body has greater ability to absorb and utilise the nutrients from the food that you eat AND you get less of those annoying symptoms that make life so annoying!

Check out our video on the food intolerance testing service

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Ready to feel better?

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