• Food Intolerance- What You Need to Know

    Food Intolerance- What You Need to Know

    Food Intolerance- How much do you know about it?

    Our body has an immune response to certain food components that we take in through our diet. If you happen to be lactose intolerant, you may find that your body wants to wash the lactose out. So often, you develop gas stomach cramps, discomfort and eventually diarrhoea as well. Why is that?

    Because food intolerances can affect the absorption of other foods in your system, it would be helpful and beneficial to have a check whether or not you are intolerant to certain foods. Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has organised this kind of test called FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING in the pharmacy.

    The output from this test will serve as a great indicator to find out if you are intolerant to certain foods. From there, we can help you work on extracting those intolerances from your diet, and then replace them with alternative nutritious components. Then we go on monitoring you until you build your gut up again to have a healthier, better outcome, and more responsive to certain foods.

    The Test that We Do

    This method can test all 59 types of intolerances. That small amount of blood from you is mixed within a vial and put it on a tray. For about 40 minutes, the test will tell you whether or not you are intolerant to certain types of food.

    Food Detective Professional also tests your IgG ()levels in response to certain factors. For example, it will test whether you’re allergic to things as common as lactose to rare things as the mushroom. Other food groups included are meats, white meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, oats and more.

    The test involved will help you see a clear picture and understanding of what your body will and will not respond when it comes to ingesting these foods.

    The great thing about this Food Detective testing that we provide here in Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick is the programme we set up for you. The Food test costs $250. When we do the test, we analyse the results and then organise your diet based from the acquired result and then we monitor you. We also give you a few supplements that help along the way.

    All these things will be tailored according to you and your results. It’s a very patient-specific and a great test to conduct just to find out a little bit more of how your body is actually reacting the foods that your eating. What a step forward to living a healthier and better life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Food intolerance testing, which is run by Food Detective at the pharmacy, is a clinical test that identifies certain food groups that you are intolerant to, and how that affects your day to day life.

    1. I feel sick when ingesting food, what should I do?

    A lot of people will come in and they’ll say, “Listen. I’m not feeling very well. I feel like I’m sick to my stomach all the time and feel really tired. I just don’t feel like the food I’m getting into my system is providing me with the energy that I need.” That has a lot to do with food intolerance.  Food intolerance is, basically, how our body will ingest food.

    Naturally, due to genes or other factors in our lives, we’ll find  our body will produce immunoglobuin called IgG. Immunoglobulin washes out whatever stimulant there is in the gut that’s irritiating the gut.

    This is the reason why you hear a lot about things like lactose intolerance. Surprisingly, little people know that it could be any different kind of food groups ranging from fruit or vegetables, mushrooms, even things like yeast, oats, barley. You can imagine that there are many different intolerances people have.

    2. How do we you conduct the test?

    It’s a clinical test and will make sure that it’s the least invasive as possible. We only require for a prick of blood. With that much blood into the sample will help figure out how many intolerances one individual may have out of 59 tests that are there.

    Food Detective Professional

    To give you an idea, we get your blood sample, and we mix it with a diluent on a tray. The tray will turn different colours depending on how severe your reaction is. Not only will the Food Detective test tell you what your intolerant to, but how intolerant you are to it.

    For example, someone may have a mild food intolerance to eggs, but a very strong food intolerance to lactose. Both of these things will be identified within that test. It’s a really great test to do.

    3. How much is the test?

    It costs $250, but with that, you get two consultations face to face, you get two consultations over the phone, a meal plan, and also some dietary advice and supplemental advice. You’ll find this a really valuable service that no other pharmacy is doing.

    4. How long does it take?

    The Food Intolerance Test takes about 40 minutes to develop the results, but for you to come in and conduct the test, it takes about five minutes. We just grab your blood sample, go through the test details and the process, and then we can call you back for a followup appointment once the results are in.

    This followup appointment can be taken any time after the test is conducted. We just have to follow up with you as soon as possible so then we can start working on your meal plan and your dietary plan together. It’s a great way to start thinking about eliminating certain things, and just adjusting your diet in order to get you feeling better a whole lot sooner.

    5. Can anyone do it?

    Yes, anyone can do it, even children. Children are able to do this test if they are able to have their finger pricked. It’s absolutely fine. There isn’t anyone that we wouldn’t recommend the food intolerance testing to, just anyone who maybe is on blood thinners and things like that.

    This test is recommended for everyone who is not just feeling like they should be feeling.  What’s interesting is, a lot of people don’t realise that they have the intolerances until they eliminate these things from their diet, and then they feel like a whole brand new person.

    Do you want to find out if you are intolerant to certain food groups? Take the test with us!

    ** Due to COVID19 restrictions, we put on hold rendering this service.

    If you are interested in doing our Food Intolerance Testing, please come by and book an appointment with us. Otherwise, you may go online and book an appointment there. Please fill the form below to book an appointment:

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