What is the flu vaccine?

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The immunisation vaccine uses the body’s natural defense mechanism to build resistance to infection. The vaccine contains inactive particles that stimulate the immune system to help develop a resistance to the flu.

Why should I consider getting the flu vaccine?

Vaccination is the best defence against the flu. The flu vaccine stimulates the body to make antibodies, which fight the influenza virus. If you have been vaccinated, when you encounter the virus, your body is better prepared to destroy it, which helps prevent getting the flu.

When should I get vaccinated?

The best time for you to be vaccinated against the flu is Autumn before the flu season starts.

Can I get the flu vaccine and still get the flu?

No vaccine is 100% effective but evidence shows that the flu vaccine provides a good level of protection in healthy people.

What type of vaccines does Priceline Pharmacy provide?

Our flu vaccine offered in store is the Quadrivalent vaccine in line with the World Health Organisation recommendations and is listed with the Therapeutic Good Association.

Flu Vaccine

What does “Quadrivalent” mean?

The term Quadrivalent vaccine means that it protects against four different strains of flu. The types of vaccine are advised by the World Health Organisation based on circulating flu epidemics around the world.

Is the vaccine safe?

The vaccine meets Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration requirements and has been available for over 50 years.

Is there a delay between when I receive the flu vaccine, and when it starts to work?

The body creates antibodies between three and fourteen days after the vaccination.

How long does the vaccine last for?

The flu vaccine is designed to protect you for approximately one year. With each season, and sometimes even within the same year,  there can be different flu strains so annual and continued vaccinations are recommended.

Are there any side effects?

The skin around the vaccination site may become red or sore, or you may also experience itching, bruising or mild swelling. Some people may also experience a mild fever, muscle aches, headache, or swelling of the lymph gland (under the armpit). These symptoms usually resolve within two days but if you have any concerns, please speak to your Pharmacist or Healthcare Professional.

In some instances, there may also be a risk of other effects such as fainting. If you have Guillain-Barre syndrome, there may be a risk of neurological symptoms. If either of these is relevant for you, please inform your Pharmacist before administering your vaccine.

Flu Vaccination how it works

Flu Vaccination FAQs: Can everyone have the vaccine?

Customers should not have the flu vaccine if there is a known allergy to eggs or chicken feathers, or if they’ve had a known allergic reaction to a vaccine in the past. The vaccination will not be provided to those under 18 years of age, and in those over 65 years of age, a different type of vaccination strain is provided.

What aftercare is involved?

We recommend that you remain in store, or nearby, for 15 minutes after receiving your vaccination so that the Pharmacist can monitor any reactions, and answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Is there an age limit on receiving the flu vaccine?

You must be 18 years or over to receive a flu vaccination in Priceline Pharmacy stores. Please contact your nearest store for more information.

I’m pregnant…can I get the flu vaccine?

The vaccine that is provided in Priceline Pharmacy stores is deemed safe for pregnant women. However, we advise that pregnant women should see their GP for their vaccine, so will not give the flu vaccine to pregnant women in store.

Do I need a prescription to get the flu vaccine?

No, a script is not needed.

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccinations

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Terms and Conditions

    • The flu vaccinations can be provided from March 2020, subject to Pharmacist and vaccine availability.

    • Age restrictions apply: the Quadrivalent vaccine is only available for those 18 years and over.

    • Vouchers or gift cards cannot be used to purchase the flu vaccine.

    • We may be required to collect and provide your personal information to a third party for the purpose of vaccine administration in accordance with our privacy policy. Your privacy is important to us. Click here to view our privacy policy.

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