• Flu shot when pregnant

    Flu shot when pregnant

    flu shot when pregnant

    Planning for a baby?

    If you are planning to have a baby then you must get your research done on the vaccines that need to be taken.


     Planning ahead is highly recommended. In some cases, vaccines need to be taken before pregnancy and in other cases, vaccines can be taken during the pregnancy period.

    You should refer to your gynecologists to suggest the essential vaccines that need to be taken. The flu shot is one of the most popular vaccines that is becoming increasingly popular among pregnant women.


    A common question we have been asked by multiple parents, is it okay to have flu shot when pregnant?

    Yes, taking a flu shot during pregnancy is totally healthy. In fact, a flu shot can help you prevent many pregnancy-related complications.

    Many gynecologists have started referring flu shot to pregnant women because of the following reasons:

    Maternal Complications: No one should take flu casually, especially if you are expecting a baby. Changes in immune system, heart, lungs make pregnant women more vulnerable to flu. Flu is more likely to cause severe illness to pregnant women in comparison to non-pregnant women, you may end up getting hospitalized.

    Fetal health problems: Pregnancy makes the symptoms of flu much more difficult to deal with. Having a fever while pregnant may lead to fetal birth defects. A simple flu shot can save your child from suffering.

    After birth protection: Flu shots aren’t just protecting your baby while it’s in your womb but it also provides the much-required immunity to the baby after birth. If you have a flu shot during pregnancy period, those antibodies will be transferred to your child’s body through the placenta and breast milk (if you are breastfeeding).

    The timing of Flu shot

    Best time to get a flu shot

    When getting a flu shot, it is very important that you time correctly. That’s why flu clinics open in March. Getting the vaccine too early or too late may not provide a high level of immunity you need to go over the flu season.

    You should not expect immediate immunity from the flu shots. Usually, these vaccines take a few weeks to develop strong immunity against influenza viruses.  

    Flu activity is usually the highest between December and February, but seasonal outbreaks can happen as early as October.

    Precautions before flu shots

    Not all the pharmacies administer the flu vaccine, you should focus on getting your flu shot done only from the best pharmacists.

    Pharmacies who administered the quality of flu vaccines are usually proven to be best to get the all-around protection. Book your slot now, at the most trusted pharmacy in Australia.

    Safe Disease Protection

    Many clinical studies are continuously gathering data on the safety of flu shots during pregnancy and there is an abundance of evidence that flu vaccines can be given safely during pregnancy. Millions of pregnant women have safely received flu shots for many years, this improved their overall experience while the pregnancy period.

    According to Priceline Australia, the vaccine that is provided in Priceline Pharmacy stores is deemed safe for pregnant women. However, they advised that pregnant women should see their GP for their vaccine, so the flu vaccine will not be given to pregnant women in store.

    Where to get a flu shot?

    Get your Flu shot done! Book your appointment at the most trusted pharmacy in Melbourne.

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