Flu Shot Near Me


Organising LIFE to get the flu shot this WINTER can be stressful!
Almost too stressful to bother!

Hunting down a Pharmacy that are ACCREDITED to administer flu shots, working out how far away they are from you and then reading all the google reviews. And then of course there is the issue of the ambiance. I mean who wants to be in an congested environment littered with stock and yellow price tags?

And all of this to be done within your LUNCH hour?


Flu Shot in Melbourne


Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick makes finding a pharmacy to administer the flu shot near you SUPER EASY! We are able to get you in and out for a flu shot faster than you can say “quinoa poke bowl with tahini sauce and salmon” - well, almost: The whole process takes about 20 mins which includes the mandatory observation period post flu jab!

Getting the flu shot works like this: You arrive in the pharmacy to be greeted by your warm and friendly team. Our Pharmacist will then ask you to fill out some paperwork and ask some questions to determine eligibility in receiving the flu shot. More information about eligibility criteria is covered below. The flu shot is administered into your arm (it doesn’t hurt - we promise!) and you are asked to remain in the pharmacy for 15 minutes for observation. This is a good time to get your Zen on in our beautiful shop! And then you are good to go!

Eligibility: Accredited Pharmacists are able to vaccinate adults over the age of 18 years. They can vaccinate pregnant women too! The vaccine is super safe! If you have a cold which is typically common this time of the year, we can still vaccinate you. If you have a fever, you will not be vaccinated. You need to wait until the fever has settled. If you have an allergy to eggs and or chicken feather, this is not the vaccine for you!

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccinations

The cost of the flu shot is $24.95
A script is not needed as Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick
is an Accredited Pharmacy to administer vaccinations.

Bookings are recommended, but, please pop in and we will do our best to accommodate. There may be some instances where we have qualified Pharmacists who can administer the flu shot on the weekends. Please check our booking calendar using the link below or call us!

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1. I received the flu shot last year, do i need to get it again this year?

Yes! It is recommended! The immunity decreases over 12 months and the strains vary year to year.

2. Rumour has it that getting the flu vaccine can give you the flu.. Is this true?

No! The flu shot does not contain a live virus, so you don’t contract the flu.. You may get some side effects similar to the flu, but it is not the flu itself!

3. So….what are the side effects?

Sometimes you can get swelling and redness around the injection site. Some people may get a mild fever, muscle aches and swelling under the arm - these symptoms usually resolve in a few days. Speak to our Pharmacist for a full catalog of side effects.

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