Flu Injection in Melbourne

Do you experience cold sweats or chillings?
Are you having headaches or muscle pains?
You think you only have colds yet you can’t do other things.
You must have caught the flu?
But worry not, you can get a flu injection in Melbourne
that you need not go too far.

flu vaccinations

No Vaccine is 100% effective but
evidence shows that the flu vaccine provides a good level of protection in healthy people. Vaccination is the best defense against the flu.

Do not wait for a certain period of time before you get your flu injection administered. Although it is fine to get the vaccination during peak season, the protection you need may not be enough because it takes two weeks for your body to build an immunity to that vaccine. That is why we start the flu clinics in March.


For just


you’ll get a flu injection done! Monday thru Friday.

Stop the flu!

Quadrivalent means that this type of vaccine can protect against four different strains of flu.

The Process We do


A flu vaccine is a very simple, intramuscular injection that goes into your shoulder. It will give you immunity within two weeks of the administration, and it is a very easy, simple injection.

Pharmacy Services

So we at Priceline Pharmacy in West Brunswick have two pharmacists that will be administering flu vaccines this season, and it’s a really simple and easy process. You just come in, grab your details, administer the vaccine, and then monitor you for 15 minutes.


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flu shot when pregnant

Who can get the flu injection?

If you are 18 years of age and above but not over 65: Pharmacists can administer a flu vaccine to anyone at the age of 18 and above (not over 65 years of age), provided that you don’t have certain allergies or conditions that make you immune suppressed or that are contraindicated with the flu vaccine itself.

If you are expecting: If you are pregnant, it’s really important that you do immunise yourself. It causes no harm to the child at all. It’s a dead vaccine, therefore it is not going to harm you in any way, but it will allow you to be immune in periods where there is a high level of flu outbreaks happening, and that will ultimately protect your baby as well.


Flu season peaks between July and September every year.


                  Flu Clinics at Priceline Pharmacy
in West Brunswick!

flu vaccinationsBefore the winter season sets in, having a flu injection done in your system is vital for your immunity. This is why we at Priceline Pharmacy West Brunswick has opened flu clinics in March. If you are someone who is prone to getting sick or wants to protect yourselves  from the flu, get a flu vaccine done.

What aftercare is  involved: 
We recommend that you remain in store, or nearby,
for 15 minutes after receiving your flu injection
so that we can monitor any reactions you may have, and be able to attend to your queries and other concerns.

Should you consider getting a flu injection?
Have it done with us! If you’d like to know more
about flu vaccination, call us or you may fill
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